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Black Moor
Lethal Waters
August 2012
Released: 2012, Diminished Fifth
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Canadian Metal Spotlight-Part 2

About once a year or so I’ll dig down deep into the frozen permafrost of the Canadian Metal scene and share some worthy releases with a wider audience. Since we don’t get summer up here in the Great White North I’ll bring you a little cold front of Metal albums and a quick review of seven recent albums by newer bands from coast to coast. Being a Canadian writing for a Canadian site it is the least I can do, in a patriotic sense, to help give a little exposure to my fellow Metallions of the north but that doesn’t means they get a free ride, just because they are Canadian! These bands actually deserve your attention;

Auroch (Vancouver, British Columbia)

Begrime Exemious (Edmonton, Alberta)

Black Moor (Dartmouth, Nova Scotia)

Dark Forest (Calgary, Alberta)

Maglor (Calgary, Alberta)

Odium (Walkerton, Ontario)

Ze (Calgary, Alberta)

Please feel free to check out the other reviews in this feature. Last month we featured:

Demona (Quebec)

Haiduk (Calgary, Alberta)

Kemilon (Montreal, Quebec)

Striker (Edmonton, Alberta)

Titan’s Eve (Vancouver, British Columbia)

Valfreya (Montreal, Quebec)

Ye Goat-Herd Gods (Calgary, Alberta)


Black Moor despite a bit of a lower profile, perhaps due to geographic isolation, are one of the better traditional Metal bands in Canada. The band is still working with Diminished Fifth Records and have just releases their second full-length album LETHAL WATERS. It’s a short, sharp shock of Metal album with 9 tunes coming in at 37 minutes. The album is pretty stream-lined, no intro, no interludes, no narration; the band just get down to business of cranking the Metal. The band maintains a quick pace without descending into a maelstrom of pure speed; it’s very listenable with some good tempo and sense of urgency.

The production and performances are of very good quality and the song-writing takes me back to those sweaty, beer-fueled nights in the early 80’s cranking the latest album by Saxon, Riot or Tokyo Blade at some house-party where I probably wanted to bang some chick but would never get to because I was too busy hanging with the boys, drinking beer, and listening to the new Saxon, Riot or Tokyo Blade. I’m glad I had my priorities straight. Metal before maidens. Sure, there are dozens of bands that krank it up in this style but as I’ve said before I’d rather have 10 Black Moors than one rap band. Erick ‘Hammerfist’ does a great job on vocals not too operatic, not too gruff, just a natural singing voice with charisma and quality. The songs are in your pretty typical verse-chorus-verse construct but with the riffs flowing like wine, or make that a cold Moosehead (or Sleemans) when the trawler returns to port after a long haul at sea. That’s a down-home (back east) reference for those of you who aren’t from Nova Scotia where this band hails from.

I really enjoy bands like Black Moor. I have no hesitation in comparing Black Moor with the new vanguard of Canadian Real Metal; Striker (Alberta), Cauldron, Gatekrashor, Hrom, Untimely Demise, Skullfist, and Borealis to name a few. These young dues get it; ‘It’ being that indescribable ability to tap into the heart and soul of Metal with the basic minimal required levels of pounding drums, thumping bass, blazing guitars, and soaring vocals presenting catchy, songs for all to enjoy. LETHAL WATERS finds that Maiden/Priest/NWOBHM sweet-spot and ride it home.
Track Listing

1. Hellraiser
2. Thunderhead
3. Lost in the Shadows
4. Midnight Warrior
5. Into Eternity
6. Night Danger
7. Hatred's Maze
8. Lethal Waters
9. Frozen Tombs


Erick Hanlin Vocals, Guitar
Wedge Jones Guitar
Robert Nickerson Bass
Sylvain Coderre Drums

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