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Black Grail
Misticismo Regrisivo
October 2015
Released: 2015, Uncreation Records
Rating: 1.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

They may have a modern CGI looking album cover, but third world black metallers BLACK GRAIL are staying true to the genre’s orthodox traditions with no social media presence and stage names Nosferatu, Mumur and Black Ritual. With two near inaudible demos and one of the best occultish logos in music already to their arsenal, the Santiago Satanists have taken ten years to produce their first full length, Misticismo Regrisivo, which is now being appreciated by their reasonably sized but concentrated fan base in Latin America.

The thirteen people who got their hands on the trio’s first tape won’t be shocked at what opening track “Diálogo entre Arcanos” offers, with all the frenzied riffs and chromatic runs that the band has appeared with before. Remarkably however, the Chileans manage to sound more amateurish than ever, with the new clean and clear production only revealing the lack of conviction and confidence displayed in both the guitar and drum work. Murmur’s beats and fills are laughable, and the overload of chorus coming out of amps simply headache inducing.

Frankly, this is technical music played by technically unable musicians- if Slayer took acid and tried to soundtrack a low budget occult flick, the result would be similar to this LP. The band sound confused, immature and erratic, their songs best characterized by the cack-handed production and aggravating vocals. There are a few moments which are enjoyable, such as the evil, bluesy Euronymous style solo on “Fotofobia póstuma” and the string intro which begins “Elevación frustrada”, but even this is disappointingly interrupted by a 90s video game style organ.

Even for genre die-hards, it’s hard to understand the appeal of a record that’s sound is over-ambitious and unorganized throughout. It’s clear what the band are attempting here, but with such sloppy execution it’s too far-fetched to credit the trio as having potential. With the quality of contemporary music being produced by occult black metal bands such as Acherontas, Nightbringer and Hetroertzen, there’s really no need to make room for BLACK GRAIL.

Review by Jarod Lawley
Track Listing

1. Diálogo entre Arcanos
2. La ciudadela de Shiva
3. Iluminación oscura
4. Plegaria catártica
5. Elevación frustrada
6. Fotofobia póstuma
7. Carta de un Samsari


Black Ritual- Bass
Murmur- Drums, Guitars
Nosferatu- Vocals, Guitars



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