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Black Funeral
Belial Arisen
November 2003
Released: 2003, Behemoth Productions
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Lord of the Wasteland

This album was originally recorded in 1996 but the vocals were not added until October 2000. Why the album did not get released for 3 years after that I have no idea. Black Funeral came not out of the snowy wastelands of Scandinavia but from Indianapolis, Indiana. They released 3 albums in the mid-90s before disbanding in 1997 and this album was shelved. BELIAL ARISEN is your typical black metal record with heinous production, almost a complete lack of bass guitar and unintelligible vocals. The CD booklet claims that the songs are “pure black metal based on lycanthropy, vampiricism and the image of demonolatry”. Song lyrics are included but the gibberish Nachttoter spouts is almost impossible to follow along with, even having the lyrics right in front of you. The production is reminiscent of early Bathory-—which was 20 years ago. Why, in 2003, black metal has to sound like this to be considered “pure” is beyond me. It sounds like a garbled mess of noise that was slapped together in one shot on a pocket-sized mini-recorder. How can this be considered good? I’m not saying you have to have a knob-twiddler like “Mutt” Lange or Bob Rock behind the board but would it kill these bands to put at least SOME effort into their record’s sound? I guess BELIAL ARISEN embodies what a “true” black metal band wants to accomplish on record, but to say it is good is something I just cannot do.
Track Listing

1. Infernal Majesty
2. Book of Belial
3. Antichrist Rising
4. Varcolaci
5. Lycanthropy and Flames
6. Light of Satanael
7. The Crimson Dragon





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