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Black Flame
The Origin Of Flame
July 2015
Released: 2015, Avantgarde Music
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Everyone will have been to a concert where one band on the bill has rocked up on stage and played through their set in a half-arsed daze; a progression of mediocrity and one where they merely go through the motions. It's always so disappointing to see a complete bypass of emotion and lack of connection to what the band's music is trying to say. This being said, Italy's BLACK FLAME should have no such problems when performing cuts from their sixth album: “The Origin Of Flame”.

Where black metal can often be overwrought with atmosphere or supposed “progressiveness”, it can be a joy to strip this all back to basics and focus on unbridled fury. BLACK FLAME's intent is most obvious once “My Temple Of Flesh” finally erupts into life and at once it is noticeable how much fury, hatred and sheer passion the band are playing with. It's the lifeblood of the record - “Under The Bridge Of Illusions” slows proceedings to a dirge, before “On The Trail Of The Serpent” returns to the break-neck speeds we know and love from the genre, but BLACK FLAME make no compromises. Venom is everywhere within this record: from vocals, down to the blistering drums.

It's so often evident when a band is running on half-empty, both on-record and in concert. There's just a certain something lacking and it greatly diminishes the impact with which the music has upon the audience. The impact with which “The Origin Of Flame” has all the impact of a fire punch to the face – you know what's hit you and you're angry. And the person who threw it is, too.

BLACK FLAME have made one of the most aggressive black metal albums this year and you'd do well to find some time to take a listen – lest you want the aforementioned fiery uppercut lobbed in your direction.

Review by: Lee Carter
Track Listing

1. Wandering Hermit
2. My Temple Of Flesh
3. Unholy Cult Of Rejection
4. Under The Bridge Of Illusions
5. On The Trail Of The Serpent
6. The Fire Union
7. The Demiurge
8. Wounded Torment
9. The Gateway Of The Sun
10. Lucifer Rising


Massimo “M:A Fog” Altomore – Drums,
Cardinale Italo Martire – Guitar & Vocals,
Gnosis – Bass,
Tiorad – Guitar.

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