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Black Flame
The Origin of Fire
May 2015
Released: 2015, Avantgarde Music
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Italy and black metal are not two ideas I would usually associate with each other. Apart from the usual suspects, Graveworm and Forgotten Tomb, it’s hard not to think of Italy as the home to more symphonic bands with Rhapsody of Fire and Lacuna Coil also hailing from the area. Throwing their name onto the scene is Black Flame, a Turin based blackened death metal band. Having formed in 1998, the band have been steadily releasing since their demo in 2001. 2015 sees their return with their latest offering, The Origin of Fire.

Packed full of dissonant riffs and blasting drum lines, there’s very little in the way of new when it comes to Black Flame. Their sound is testament to the old black meal titans with a solid death metal tone running through the guitars providing a punch to the backing, occasionally wandering into Dissection-esque sections. Opener ‘Wandering Hermit’ and closing track ‘Lucifer Rising’ wrap The Origin of Fire with a largely atmospheric, a haunting atmosphere that proves to be some of the highlights of the whole album. This is quickly abandoned however for an all out assault of sound. While the sound is solid, the songs don’t prove particularly memorable. Most lack any kind of hook that keeps listeners returning to the song time after time and the riffs themselves lack any differentiation from the usual sound.

For people truly captivated by the more traditional blackened death metal sound, this band tick all the genre boxes. The album however is largely unmemorable and it’s hard to say that I really gained anything from The Origin of Fire. If you need a bit of background misanthropy as you do your washing up, this is the album for you, for more serious black metal listening The Origin of Fire is probably one to pass on.
Track Listing

1. Wandering Hermit
2. My Temple of Flesh
3. Unholy Cult of Rejection
4. Under the Bridge of Illusions
5. On the Trail of the Serpent
6. The Fire Union
7. The Demiurge
8. Wounded Torment
9. The Gateway of the Sun
10. Lucifer Rising


Il Cardinale - Vocals and Guitars
m:A Fog - Drums
Tiorad - Guitars
Gnosis – Bass

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