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Black Fate
Deliverance Of Soul
August 2016
Released: 2016, Ulterior Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Normally I would not bother covering a simple reissue but there are exceptions. In 2014 I was introduced to a Greek Metal band called Black Fate. In January, 2105 reviewed their 4th album, BETWEEN VISIONS AND LIES. I enjoyed the album, very much and had noted that they had been signed to Ulterium Records. As is often the case if a band gets signed to a label, said record label will reissue the older catalogue and that is the case here.

Back in 2009 Black Fate released DELIVERANCE OF SOUL on a tiny little label called Asiral, which was basically their own label. I suppose the 4th album sold well enough and Ulterium reissued DELIVERANCE OF SOUL earlier this year. The updated version has new (far superior) cover art but unfortunately no bonus tracks. The album is only 40 minutes long so why not throw on a couple of tracks as an incentive for the fans that may already own the original pressing?

Comparing the 4th album and this issue I’d suggest Black Fate got a bit heavier and more ‘Metal’. There were some significant line-up changes in the five years between the two albums, likely resulting in the slightly heavier direction. DELIVERANCE OF SOUL is high quality, melodic Metal with occasional bursts of power and progression. As odd as it sounds it reminds me of the heaviest moments of Dokken and Scorpions meaning smooth, classy elegant song-writing, very European in sensibility. Again, I would cite Kamelot and Conception as a reference point. The songs are never too fast, the vocals always smooth, the licks and riffs flow nicely and the guitar tone is not very abrasive. It is certainly on the mellower end of the Metal spectrum. ‘Angry Silent Scream’ is likely the heaviest fastest song getting into double-kick drum territory and the very cool, drum-based breakdown at the 2:38 mark, almost like a mini drum solo. The keyboards are always present with good washes of sound integrated into the songs as accompaniment, instead of a lead instrument like some European bands. Even though I gave both albums the same rating, this 3.5 is for a slightly different style, but an excellent album all round, nonetheless.

Could all this activity mean that a new studio album is on the horizon? I hope so, we are due, considering it has been two years now and maybe Ulterium is testing the waters to see how it would be received? Until that time this fine reissue will have to hold us over until Black fate gives us new material to enjoy.
Track Listing

1. Children of Aniramas
2. Dying Freedom
3. Blood Red Sky
4. Angry Silent Scream
5. The Conscience of the Brave
6. Rain of Paradise
7. If the Silence Was Gray
8. Wicked
9. Thorn in My Hand
10. Inner Warning of My Soul
11. Fallen


Vasilis Georgiou Vocals
Giannis Theologis Guitar
Ilias Tsintzilonis Guitar
Achileas Moschioulis Keyboards
Albertos Oikonomou Bass
Nikos Tsintzilonis Drums



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