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Black Fate
Between Visions And Lies
January 2015
Released: 2014, Ulterium
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Is their anything finer than Greek or Italian Progressive Power Metal? I think not! Black Fate after three albums on small independent labels have made the jump to the respected Ulterium label and have issued their fourth full-length album, BETWEEN VISIONS AND LIES.

Founded in 1990 the band never really got going until their debut in 2002. It has been some five years since the last album and the band has streamlined from a sextet to a quartet. I have not heard any of their other material so I can’t compare if there have been any major stylistic changes.

Black Fate are a Greek Progressive Power Metal band who are very melodic and very professional. If I had to pick one band that might describe their sound it would remind me a bit of older Kamelot or perhaps even Conception partially because of the similar vocal tone of their excellent vocalist Vasilis, who sounds a bit like Roy Khan. His smooth elegant delivery is flawless and very appealing. The 11 song album runs under and hour and the songs while having progressive elements still retain a very good sense of the song. The songs are all about five minutes long and don’t get too experimental but have many interlaced parts, keyboards, symphonic and acoustic elements all mixed nicely into a whole.

The guitar tone is crunchy but not too abrasive and every member gets a bit of chance to shine. The past is mostly mid-tempo ranging to quick but there are lots of changes to mix up the tempo. The solos are excellent as well and the guitars are not overshadowed by the washes of keyboards. Every song is quite loaded with dynamic playing on the verge but never quite overplaying, if there can be such a thing in Metal! There are some catchy choruses as heard on ‘Call Of The Wild’ and ‘In Your Eyes’. The whole albums end with a shorter symphonic instrumental piece called ‘In Fear’ which sounds like it could fit on a Nightwish album, and it is a strong way to end the record.

I’m glad the band has had the dedication and commitment to keep going over the past twenty years because the efforts of their hard work will continue to reap rewards and hopefully more people will get to enjoy this excellent band. The pay off has already been a bigger label and more international exposure and BETWEEN VISIONS AND LIES is worth your attention.
Track Listing

1. Rhyme of a False Orchestra
2. Line in the Sand
3. The Game of Illusion
4. Into the Night
5. In Your Eyes
6. Call of the Wild
7. State of Conformity
8. Without Saying a Word
9. Perfect Crime
10. Weight of the World
11. In Fear


Vasilis Georgiou Vocals
Gus Drax Guitar
Vasilis Liakos Bass
Nikos Tsintzilonis Drums



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