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Black Crucifixion
Hope of Retaliation
August 2011
Released: 2011, Soulseller Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

It’s very rare that such a small black metal band manage to produce a well mastered, well recorded studio album, and even if they did do one, they are labeled forever for being to mainstream to be black metal. Black Crucifixion manage to pack all the raw power and aggression onto their new album Hope of Retaliation, making it sound if though a black metal tape has been recorded in a recording studio with a sound engineer. Yes, it still sounds like classic brutal black metal, but on a grander and more epic scale.

Black Crucifixion really know how to scare the shit out of people, and with their music sounding louder than ever before tracks like ‘Blood Soaked Snow’ and ‘Where Will You Hide’ are crushingly heavy. All the instruments gel together really well, and while it still sounds like a fly buzzing around inside a shed, Black Crucifixions music is memorable. I can guarantee, whether it be the guitar part, blast beating drums or the pig squealing vocals, you will be able to hum or at least air guitar to every single tune on the album. It’s quite memorable for black metal, and that’s what puts Black Crucifixion in a totally different league to some of its black metal brothers.

What is good to see about Hope of Retaliation is that it’s all, full steam ahead brutal. There’s none of this slower, ambient crap you get from some black metal bands, it’s all aggressive and crushingly heavy which you want to see from a band that plays the most brutal kind of metal going. Tracks like ‘Serpent of Your Holy Garden’ and ‘Retaliation’ are perfect examples of just how good this band are at playing violently and incorporating the chaos and satanic vibe into their music, making the music all the mar haunting and mysterious.

There is quite a lot of melody on Hope of Retaliation, and unlike other black metal bands the musicianship is very skillful. The guitars and drums sound like they are being played from the heart whether it be on the studio tracks or the live tracks, giving 110% to the mix and giving a magical feel to the music. When that music is topped off with the powerful voice of Forn it sends shivers down your spine, as just how amazing this band sound.

If you have never heard of Black Crucifixion before, and you are tired of listening to the same tinny black metal tape that cost you £2 pounds off the internet. Then buy Hope of Retaliation by Black Crucifixion as it shows black metal in a new light, and just how amazing this change in sound production can be!

Review by Matt Seddon
Track Listing

01. Retaliation
02. Night Birds Sing Your Demise
03. Blood Soaked Snow
04. Bitten By the Long Frosts of Life
05. Where Will You Hide
06. Master Spirit
07. Promethean Gift
08. Serpent of Your Holy Garden
09. Winterkill


Forn – Vocals
E. Henrik – Bass
Markus Kill – Guitar
V.S. Scorpius – Drums

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