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Black Bleeding
A Bright Future
October 2015
Released: 2015, Nihilstic Holocaust
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

For old-school thrash and black metallers like me, Belgian band BLACK BLEEDING are a very easy kind of act to love. They are unashamed, angry and full of energy, which is nothing new, but never claims to be anyway. Describing themselves as the kind of grumpy old punks who were “around in 1977 and then sold out to become rich exploiting human stupidity”, their attitude is belligerent, bold and brash as they reissue (on tape) the third full length of their seventeen year career via Nihilistic Holocaust.

Whilst so many extreme metal albums today will begin with an atmospheric intro or a slow build up, A Bright Future kicks off with just a pick scrape before launching into a crash of cymbals and tremolo riffs. Alexandre’s vocals are putrid and guttural, yet carry a catchy chant in the chorus, albeit a rough and coarse one, but it is his guitar work that carries this LP with a variety of melodic riffs, distorted power chords and Slayer style, serial killer scribble solos.

The punk ethos is held throughout the tape, with a demo/DIY feel which the trio surely have no intentions of losing. Under the three minute mark, “The Curse of Self Respect” rumbles with a gritty, Motorhead sounding bass and dirty swagger, before bursting into a black metal blast. This album is full of rough and ready rawness, with a live, rehearsal room atmosphere ignited further by the top quality riffs throughout the record. Technically, the timing is a little off at times, and this is far from a polished performance, but without it’s grit, this record wouldn’t stand out from this rest in the way it charismatically does.

Fans of bands such as Midnight and Nunslaughter will know that when using this kind of old school formula, shorter releases have more impact, and at only eight tracks, A Bright Future manages to sound punchy, mettlesome, and diverse in the genres of punk and extreme metal. So throw the tape in your deck, grab a can and head bang!

Review by Jarod Lawley
Track Listing

1. A Bright Future
2. The Curse of Self-Respect
3. Three More Beers and the Truth
4. It's Good to Be the King
5. Older, Fatter, Balder
6. Zealousness of the Convert
7. Habay Cock City / Athus Toxs City
8. Can Food & Weapons


Alexandre Pomes- Guitars, Vocals
Balmuzette- Drums
Le Fred Pisoni- Bass



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