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Black Anvil
Time Insults The Mind
September 2009
Released: n/a, Relapse
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Alan Gilkeson

Good old fashioned face wilting Black Metal the likes of Celtic Frost and Darkthrone, TIME INSULTS THE MIND rattles with a mixture of Black Metal, Thrash riffs, and a tiny bit of Hardcore. Interestingly, Black Anvil are a side gig for members of various New York City Hardcore bands, including Kill Your Idols. The approach is a throwback and new all at once, melding the old spirit and sound of Black Metal with the occasional Blast Beat and sonic barrage.

They go with a very polished production, forgoing the crude production normally saved for Black Metal, which offers the primitive sound and aural bombardment of their Scandinavian peers. Instead the music is very groovy, very Rock n Roll at times. Here and there things get muddled up a bit, but for the most part the groove rules supreme. The album can be quite dynamic at times, accelerating through mid-tempos to a depressive pace.

For the most part, Black Anvil are Black Metal the way it used to be, with choppy and bountiful Riffs, and a bit more clear vocals as compared to modern fare. There's also a nice cover of Celtic Frost's 'Dethroned Emperor', exhibiting Black Anvil's penchant towards old school style, advancing what once was aged, making it new again.
Track Listing

1. Margin For Terror
2. Ten Talons Deep
3. Deathsomnia
4. On This Day Death
5. Release The Kraken
6. And You Thought You Knew Pain!
7. 777
8. L.T.H.L.T.K.
9. Dethroned Emperor (Celtic Frost Cover)


bass, vocals
drums, vocals
guitar, vocals

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