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The Empires Of The Worlds
July 2005
Released: 2005, Earache
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: Gabriel C. Zolman

I detest raving like the insane over bands that catch my fancy…but I really can’t resist with this one: Biomechanical represent everything that’s right with Heavy Metal. Oh, and I’m insane. It’s not hyperbole, it not a vain attempt to nab a cover blurb. It is flat-out the gods’ honest fucking brutal truth. This is what we hoped the future held, way back in the late 80’s. It’s exactly what we dreamt of, and yet none felt compelled to set to tape. Biomechanical have nailed it, and they have nailed this awed reviewer to his chair.

Essentially, this is Power Groove 2.0—feisty Power Metal with Pantera-like precision, post-industrial rhythms, and channel-sweeping vocals that extend from Halford shrieks to Anselmo roars. The vocals make the dish. Like fellow geniuses Mercenary, Biomechanical incorporate standard Power Metal vocals with growls and screams—but far more honestly. This is isn’t a cop to Shadows Fall cliché-mongering. This isn’t Screamo. This is Metal…not Metalcore. If you fail to find SOMETHING to like here…fuck it, get out of my sight.

I wash my hands of you.

If Rob Halford ever got to fuck Phil Anselmo, their unholy mutant ass-child would resemble this. I struggle to find a standout cut—they all gel together as a whole. The title cut is my first pick—it has more of a Pantera feel than the rest, before cleverly incorporating the more high pitch vocals. “Regenerated” is another fine example. The drum-work—which is Vinnie Paul sharp and crisp—is much of what makes “Assaulter” great, fighting the good fight against the track’s more banal lyrics. The slow, doomy chug of “Relinquished Destiny” reminds me of something I can never seem to put my finger on. It is a nice change of pace in the album’s midpoint, with vocals going from a smooth midrange during the unexpected acoustic breaks, to a Geoff Tate style, to the more general growl. And it all sounds like a natural progression in the form it is approached. “Long Time Dead” is reminiscent of Testament’s “The Legacy.” “Survival” breaks out some Slayer-like chugging and pounding; “Existenz,” based on the Cronenberg film, is another groove-laden stop-start treat, with almost a Machine Head type of heaviness.

. If you thought Mercenary and Brainstorm were great, give this one a spin. If you maintain a fanship with either Pantera, Judas Priest, or both…your prayers are answered.

A young band in their salad days should not rightly have the meat and musk of the mighty much-hunted mastodons of yore. This band is thick with goo…Vision Goo…and it sloshes like a punctured aqualung, or the force-fed wine-filled bladders of Caligula’s drunken guardsmen. This is a band in their prime…prime evil, blessed be.

This record hints at supernovas, alive within their distant minds—the light of their explosions yet to reach our mammal eyes. Guys, I’ll say this once: if you fuck this up on the next CD, I’ll hunt you down, and wear your ears on chains for all to see. That said, good luck!

Track Listing

1. Enemy Within

2. The Empires of the Worlds

3. Assaulter

4. Relinquished Destiny

5. Long Time Dead

6. Regenerated

7. DNA Metastesis

8. Survival

9. Existenz

10. Truth Denied

11. Absolution: Part 1- Final Offence

12. Absolution: Part 2- From the Abyss

13. Absolution: Part 3- Absolution

14. Absolution: Part 4- Disintegration


John K. aka Yiannis Koutselinis - vocals, keys
Chris Webb - guitars
Jamie Hunt - guitars
Jon Collins - bass
Matt C. - drums

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