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Means to an End
February 2006
Released: 2005, Steamhammer/SPV/Playground Music
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

MEANS TO AN END is apparently going to be Biohazards last album and no one is sadder than I am. Ever since Bobby Kimball left the band in the mid 90s the band has had difficulties finding a lasting replacement and they have gone through a serious amount of guitarists along the way.Today Scott Roberts is handling the guitar and he ought to be the bands last guitarist as well.

Biohazard have had trouble following up killer albums like URBAN DISCIPLINE, STATE OF THE WORLD ADDRESS and MATA LEAO which in my opinion are modern classic albums today. When Bobby left the band they didn’t only lose a guitarist they also lost a vocalist Now it’s only Evan and Billy that sing and if you’re used to hearing three vocalists it feels like something’s missing.

The bio says that the band have had problems with drugs and alcohol as well as internal problems within the band and different labels but they have dealt with the problems and are today stronger than ever as a unit.

On MEANS TO AN END the guys are just as socially aware and critical as they always have been. The foundation stands steady in hardcore but you can sense influences of both heavy metal and punk. Both Billy and Evan sound just as angry as ever when they spit out their lyrics, this is hardcore without any compromise.

This closing album contains 10 raging track in a high speed tempo, the band feels a bit tired though and they don’t convince as much as they have done through the years. In certain parts of the album it feels like they are going through the motions and not using any feeling. They are also repeating themselves and this album isn’t close to what the guys have achieved in their long career. But it’s Biohazard and what more can I say besides that they are a cult-band today and that makes up for the sometimes uneven material. I think I like them even if they had released an album with fusion jazz or something like that.

A few songs that do stick out are “My Life, My Way”, “The Fire Burns Inside”, “Break It Away From Me”, “King’s Never Die” and “Don’t Stand Alone”. These are songs with no fuss, just simple, straight-in-your-face hardcore.

MEANS TO AND END feels like a worthy closure of a long career, personally I’d hope for a little bit more from the guys but I’m content with what I’ve got and I think that every old fan of the band is happy with this album. For the newer and younger fans that are interested in hardcore and Biohazard I recommend some of their older albums like the ones already mentioned. I really hope Biohazard hit the road in 2006 so we have a chance to see the guys live one last time and dare I hope for a reunion tour with Bobby on guitar?. If not, a CD-box or compilation would be a proper way to end a 15 year long career.

Track Listing

My Life, My Way
The Fire Burns Inside
Killing To Be Free
Filled With Hate
Break It Away From Me
Kings Never Die
Don’t Stand Alone
To The Grave
Set me Free


Evan Seinfeld – lead vocals, bass
Billy Graziadei – lead vocals, guitar
Danny Schuler – drums
Scott Roberts – guitar

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