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Binary Creed
A Battle Won
November 2017
Released: 2017, Rockshots
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Binary Creed are an exciting new entry into the realm of Progressive Power Metal. Formed in Sweden a few years back the band has released two albums to date. In late 2016 they released their sophomore effort A BATTLE WON. It has recently been issued in North America in early September of 2107, which brought this fine band to my attention.

Binary Creed has some pedigree and history as it is the new project of vocalist Andreas Stoltz, formerly of a lesser-known Prog-Power band in the late 90’s called Hollow. For what it is worth I quite liked Hollow, they were signed to Nuclear Blast for a pair of really decent albums (MODERN CATHEDRAL & ARCHITECT OF THE MIND) and I own them both. For you trivia hounds they had a song called ‘Binary Creed’ on ARCHITECT which ties in nicely as the name of Stolz new band.

A BATTLE WON, in terms of structure and presentation is unremarkable in many cases, it is a 43 minute album with ten songs, each 4-5 minutes long. There don’t seem to be any cover tunes, special guests, epic songs, obscure bonus tracks, weird instruments, folk singers or orchestral versions; it is as if they just want to present to the world great songs, which they have achieved admirably. It’s nice to hear a band that just writes good, straight-up Metal songs without trying all the extra tricks to get attention.

The album is largely mid-to quick paced, combining good thick riffs with a nice and smooth underlying keyboard tone. There are some pretty sweets guitar solos like the one of ‘Black Storm’. Largely the band has an elegant, sophisticated sound, nothing really frantic about the songs, just good catchy choruses, some bigger back-up vocals as well. Stoltz’s voice still seems strong and the overall album production is immaculate as well. I’m hearing the European styling’s of Kamelot, Conception, Symphony X, and Pagan’s Mind as musical touchstones which makes sense as Hollow was around right when those other bands started. With any luck Hollow could have gone on to larger fame, like their contemporaries at the time but it was not to be. Fortunately Binary Creed can fill that gap all these years later.

The thing about a band like Binary Creed is that they will never be mainstream Metal darlings. You will likely never see them on the front of Kerrang or Decibel any of the trend-driven webzines, but you probably would see them performing at something like a PowerProg fest in Atlanta for 2000, rapturous, 40+ year old dudes like me. Something about that suits me just fine. If you are looking for a classic sounding band that does timeless Power-Prog to virtual perfection add, A BATTLE WON to your playlist.
Track Listing

1. Servants
2. Lurking in the Shadows
3. In a Time to Come
4. The Fallen King
5. The Ones to Bleed
6. Safer Than Now
7. A Better Man
8. Black Storm
9. These Hands
10. Journey Without End


Andreas Stoltz Vocals
Stefan Rådlund Guitar
Robert Rasmussen Ahlenius Bass
Peo Olofsson Keyboards
Peter Widding Drums



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