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Bill Zebub
Extreme Metal Retardation (DVD)
March 2015
Released: 2012, Bill Zebub
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Bill Zebub is one the great underground, counter-culture film-makers in America today. He has made dozens of ultra low-budget horror films and a good number of Heavy Metal documentaries. He is also the Editor of the fanzine, Grimoire Of Exalted Deeds’. I’ve written reviews of five of his movies. They are all very quick reviews, because they all essentially very similar in a series. The films are Black Metal, Death Metal, Pagan Metal, Metal Retardation and Extreme Metal Retardation. The features of each movie are all pretty much the same, namely, a standard single DVD with no booklet, hand-held camera production values and bad sound. Every film has a very causal (pre-show or post-show) backstage, bus, and bathroom interview feel. That is the whole idea. No themes, no props, no sets, just interviews. Enjoy the reviews in this series.

EXTREME METAL RETARDATION is pretty much exactly the same as METAL RETARDATION. The collection of clips has 13 bands of various genres being interviewed so the interviews are a bit longer. There is some raw live footage and a video, but mostly just interviews. Bill ZeBub stays true to his form showing no change or improvement in presentation, just Metalheads talking to metal heads.

The bonus features are a 30 minute interview with King Diamond and an hour long comedy called Metalheads, which is not as graphic or offensive as some of the other films Bill Zebub has done.
Track Listing

Interviews with

Arch Enemy
Dimmu Borgir
King Diamond
Septic Flesh





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