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Beyond The Grave
The Human Tide
February 2010
Released: 2009, Unsigned
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: Munkwunk

I had the pleasure of reviewing Beyond the Grave's SANDS OF DESOLATION demo about a year ago and was rather impressed with this unsigned U.K. band. Now they have released their first full-length album, entitled THE HUMAN TIDE, which raises the bar even higher. While I did enjoy the demo, THE HUMAN TIDE improves upon the band's sound in every way.

Once again, I am impressed at how the band has managed to package this album as if it were a release from any major label – complete with full sized jewel case and insert, with lyrics for each track on the album – even though they are an unsigned, independent band. It shows a level of care and devotion to the music that is not often seen by bands without some sort of record deal, and that same level of care is evident in the band's production quality and music as well.

THE HUMAN TIDE much more a straightforward metal release from Beyond the Grave; the hardcore elements that seemed prevalent in SANDS OF DESOLATION are all but gone, and a much more thrashy sound is the result. This album is filled with lightning riffing and thundering drums, old-fashioned thrash screams and anthemic backing vocals, and a bass presence to back it all up.

It's not all just straightforward, classic thrashing though. Beyond the Grave do mix it up with a couple of tracks. Notably, "In Memorium" is a slower and more melodic track opened by a short piano interlude. "Interlude" is a short track with a Middle Eastern musical feel which precedes another hard-hitting track, "Before My Eyes. There's just enough experimentation to keep things interesting, but not so much that the sound ever feels disjointed or out of place.

Keep an ear on Beyond the Grave; if their future releases are as good as THE HUMAN TIDE, this band will go a long way. The album is one of the few review CDs I've added to my permanent collection, and I look forward to hearing more from these guys in the future.
Track Listing

Down Amongst the Dead
By the Light of a Setting Sun
The Human Tide
In Memorium
Dead by September
Before My Eyes
No Time to Bleed


Adam - Vocals
Luke - Guitar + Backing vocals
Warwick - Guitar
Jackson - Drums
James - Bass

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