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Black Emotions
June 2001
Released: 2000, Pavement Music
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Rick

Seems that I always find myself with a couple of Cds like this each month. Either a genre of metal that I don’t normally listen to or one that I have overlooked. This falls into the latter category. With my review of Lacuna Coil last month I rekindled an interest for this kind of gothic metal that I had let wane over the last few years. I have never been a big fan of the genre as I have never delved it deeply enough but this CD has most deservedly garnered my attention. Formed in Sweden (there has to be something in the water over there) in 1992 the band began releasing demos till they were signed to Corrosion Records and recorded their CD ...FROM A BLEEDING HEART. Unfortunately that label went under and fortunately Beseech were able to sign with Metal Blade records who released the CD. The band again was hit with adversity when they decided to go separate ways with Metal Blade. The quickly rebounded with a worldwide deal with Pavement Music. Beseech spent the early part of this year on the road with Gothic metal heavyweights Lacuna Coil and Theatre of Tragedy. The lineup consists of Jöörgen Sjööberg - Vocals Jonas Ströömberg - Drums , Klas Bohlin - Guitar/Vocals , Robert Spåånglund -Guitar/Programming , Daniel Elofsson - Bass , Mikael Back - Keyboard , Lotta Hööglin - Vocals.

"Manmade Dreams". This has got to be one of the best song on this release. I guess thats why it’s the opening track. All I can say about this song is that its infectious. It has been stuck in my head all day and I keep returning to it and playing it over and over again. "Firewalk" is a somber track displays the female vocals of Lotta Hooglin. Her dreamy voice adds a different dimension to this track. The band buries the dreamscape with the one of the heavier tracks on the disc "Velvet Erotica". Keyboards are kept to a minimum on this song and add atmosphere instead of being a main instrument. The Cd contains to instrumentals. I am not a fan of instrumentals so I will finish with another of the bands heavier tracks "Wounded". This again contains some crunching guitars with the vocals of Jöörgen Sjööberg taking on a growling urgency.

Beseech don’t seem to get the credit that they deserve. When the topic of Gothic Metal is brought up rarely do I hear the name Beseech. Well they have made a very solid CD with BLACK EMOTIONS. It would have been nice to hear Lotta Hööglin as the featured voice on at least one track but there is little to complain about with this release. If you are a fan of Gothic metal or are just looking for something a little different check out these Swedes.
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