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Beneath The Massacre
Evidence of Inequity
December 2005
Released: 2005, Galy Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Lord of the Wasteland

With Beneath The Massacre, the metal Mecca of Quebec once again unleashes a band of such indescribable brutality, technicality and talent that comparisons to such luminaries as Cryptopsy, Neuraxis, Despised Icon and Ion Dissonance are nearly a moot point. The band is still very young and only played their first live show together in October 2004, yet the skill and musicianship that flows out of their five-song E.P., EVIDENCE OF INEQUITY is jaw-dropping.

The drumming of Justin Rouselle is upper-tier throughout, with lines instantly drawn towards Flo Mournier. Controlled blasting and hyper-speed double bass lie in wait of incredibly precise rolls and fills that fire off with machine-gun intensity on “Profitable Killcount.” The riffing of Christopher Bradley and Christian Pepin (who has since left the band) is delivered with dizzying accuracy (the intro to “Comforting Prejudice” is a key example) and the complex solos will have metalheads tossing their Nile albums in Anubis’ fire. A jazzy bit on “Never More” echoes Cryptopsy’s Jon Levasseur/Alex Auburn tandem but at the same time, the band is able to drive home an off-beat time change that would puzzle Meshuggah and a crunching breakdown a la Ion Dissonance. This dynamic is rarely seen in metal and even less frequently is it done this well. The vocals of Elliot Desgagnes are fittingly brutal but could be those of countless other bands of this style. Still, they get the job done.

At a brisk 17:21, EVIDENCE OF INEQUITY is over nearly as quickly as it began but if this is what the band can deliver after less than a year of being together, the follow-up full-length could very well turn the brutal/technical death world on its head.

Track Listing

1. Comforting Prejudice
2. Profitable Killcount
3. Totalitarian Hypnosis
4. Regurgitated Lullaby For The Borndead
5. Never More


Elliot Desgagnes—Vocals
Christopher Bradley—Guitar
Christian Pepin—Guitar
Dennis Bradley—Bass
Justin Rousselle—Drums

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