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Lucifer Incestus
March 2004
Released: 2004, Napalm Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Lord of the Wasteland

Oh, yes…now this is what metal is all about! Belphegor have unleashed their latest slab of blasphemous black/death upon the world with LUCIFER INCESTUS. Ten years into their career, Belphegor have created their masterpiece. Unrelenting, merciless, pounding...many adjectives come to mind to describe this release, but the bottom line is that these Austrians have reserved themselves a place in their own ring of Hell!

The production on this CD is massive thanks to Atrocity vocalist, Alex Krull, behind the controls. The instruments are clear throughout without any bleeding together and new drummer, Torturer, makes his presence known, especially on “The Goatchrist” and “Fukk The Blood Of Christ.” Helmuth’s mixture of unnerving screams and ominous growls are delivered with an enraged passion that has never been heard before on a Belphegor disc. The riffs come out of nowhere and channel the great Trey Azagthoth (Morbid Angel) at points on “Fukk The Blood Of Christ” and during a crazy solo on “The Sin-Hellfucked.”

Fans of Morbid Angel and Krisiun will wet themselves over this CD, as all the blasphemous lyrics, brutally-fast drumming and tricked out guitar solos and riffs from those two bands are paid tribute by Belphegor. The CD cover is certain to get them in hot water, but I’m sure Belphegor is the type of band that really doesn’t give a fuck anyway. So sharpen your tridents, dig in your cloven hooves and prepare the virgins because Belphegor is back with an unholy vengeance!

KILLER KUTS: “The Goatchrist,” “Fukk The Blood Of Christ,” “The Sin-Hellfucked”
Track Listing

1. Intro--Inflamate Christianus
2. The Goatchrist
3. Diaboli Virtus In Lumbar Est
4. Demonic Staccato Erection
5. Paradise Regained
6. Fukk the Blood Of Christ
7. Lucifer Incestus
8. The Sin-Hellfucked
9. Fleischrequiem 69--Outro



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