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Bondage Goat Zombie
August 2008
Released: 2008, Nuclear Blast Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

After 15 years and 6 previous studio albums, Austria’s blasphemous Belphegor have long since established their modus operandi. Like Marduk, whom they are often compared with, Belphegor changes for no one, spending each passing year working to come with the fastest, most brutal, blackened hymn to Satan imaginable. To them, if you can’t fuck it, kill it. If you can’t kill it, try harder.

To many fans, the band peaked with 2003’s LUCIFER INCESTUS, which was arguably their most furious assault on the Heavens. The ensuing two albums veered more into slightly more melodic terrain, toning down the onslaught for more musical ventures...for Belphegor that is. We’re not talking about a sudden shift into power metal here. Apparently the band tired of this direction, as BONDAGE GOAT ZOMBIE firmly establishes that the band can bring the blackened death metal as powerfully as ever. While they haven’t completely abandoned melodic riffs (see “Armageddon’s Raid”), a new fire seems to have been lit under this demon’s ass.

What has always set Belphegor apart from their mindless brethren is their ability to add hooks to their music while still maintaining the furious pace. Look no further than the title track, or “Justine: Soaked in Blood” for proof that the band still has it. When they DO slow down, it’s to finely crush your already powdered skull, as “Sex Dictator Lucifer” ably proves.

Belphegor have always been a reliable choice for furious blackened death metal, but if their last couple of albums have turned you off, give BONDAGE GOAT ZOMBIE a chance to bring you back to the slaughter.
Track Listing

1) Bondage Goat Zombie
2) Stigma Diabolicum
3) Armageddon’s Raid
4) Justine: Soaked in Blood
5) Sex Dictator Lucifer
6) Shred for Sathan
7) Chronicles of Crime
8) The Sukkubus Lustrate
9) Der Rutenmarsch


Helmuth: Vocals, Guitar
Serpenth: Bass
Morluch: Guitar
Tony Laureano: Drums

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