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Belching Beet / Mindflair
Split CD
November 1999
Released: 1999, Deleria Noise Outfitters/Decomposed Sounds
Rating: 2.7/5
Reviewer: Nathan Robinson

Are you just sick of everything? These guys are. Belching Beet was a side project for Michael Schwarz, drummer of the German death metal band Atrocity. As far as I know, this is the first compact disc appearance for Belching Beet, offering twelve tracks of grinding death metal. Although these guys don't present anything new, their grindcore is better than most just because they don't rely on playing fast all of the time. Sure this album's got plenty of blast beats, but they vary the tempo enough to make the listen more interesting. They're not afraid to mix slow doom and groovy riffs in once in a while. And there are actually parts on this disc that remind me of Atrocity's ruling debut album "Hallucinations". All these guys want to do is play heavy-ass music and piss on society, which is fine with me! Some of their songs speak against certain inhumanities like animal cruelty and war, but overall they don't seem to take their music too seriously, which allows the band to let everything come out without overanalyzing their songs to death. They also include three cover songs (doesn't every album nowadays?): Extreme Noise Terror's "Another Nail in the Coffin", Terrorizer's "Storm of Stress", and a rather hilarious one called "Porn to Be Alive", originally recorded by Patrik Hernandez who I am assuming is NOT a metal artist judging from the "dit dit doo doo doo" sections! But my primary interest in this band lies in the drummer. Me being a huge Atrocity fan, I just had to check these guys out. His performance is of course excellent, but what I admire most is the sound of the drums. On Atrocity's last album "Willenskraft", his drums were sampled and you could easily tell. But in Belching Beet, his drums are natural. I always prefer natural-sounding drums. This CD contains newly recorded versions of three of the four tracks from their "Nothing" 1997 rough mix demo.

Mindflair…I have no idea who these guys are what they're all about. They play cacophonous grindcore…the guitars sound loud and hollow, the drums natural, and the vocals like A.C. In fact you cannot understand a word this guy says. He sounds hilarious at times actually. It's hard to hear exactly what the guitarists are doing when they play fast. Although these guys like speed, they too are not afraid to slow things down once in a while. Mindflair has their similarities to Belching Beet, which warrants putting them on the same CD. But somehow they just lack that quirky edge that Belching Beet has. For me, the highlight of their recording is the long Cheech & Chong sampled intro. I can't say that I like this band.

I would have preferred a solely Belching Beet CD here. And being that their songs are so short, it would have been nice to have included their back catalog, including the "…Holes are Empty…" 7". It also would have been nice to have lyrics printed, a band photo, and maybe a little information on just who in the hell these guys really are! I don't really know who I'd recommend this CD too…maybe just diehard Atrocity fans like me. Or maybe fans of early Napalm Death and Terrorizer.
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