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Belay My Last
The Downfall
March 2008
Released: 2007, Mediaskare
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

...and so metalcore begat deathcore. Once metalcore struck it big, it was only a matter of time before other, harsher bands sprang up that adhered to the metalcore song writing ethic but sported a more brutal approach. By now it’s nothing new, but there are still far fewer bands playing this style than it’s more popular cousin. One of those bands is the relatively new Belay My Last. Formed in 2004, this California-based band has already released a previous album (self-titled) and begun to make a bit of a name for themselves.

As I said, deathcore is merely a harsher version of metalcore, thankfully avoiding the whiney piss-ant clean vocals that so many bands feel the need to employ these days. Therefore, the growled death vocals the dominate THE DOWNFALL are actually refreshing, as even the band’s choruses maintain the intensity. Sadly, in the musical area the band sticks to a largely metalcore-based sound, throwing around standard riffs and breakdowns like they’re exciting (they’re not). Sure the band is competent and all, but they have not yet learned how to write an exciting riff. I’ve listened to this album multiple times and not a single song sticks with me – its background music and little more. There’s just too much metalcore here and not enough actual death metal.

Despite my disdain for Belay My Last’s heritage, I actually kind of feel like I’m short changing the band a bit with this review. I just can’t get excited about THE DOWNFALL. I’m not even sure who this will appeal to – maybe a few adventurous mall kiddies looking to expand their horizons? Whatever the case, I’m just not on board.
Track Listing

1) An Inconvenience (To a Whore)
2) One More Foot in the Grave
3) Cycles of Suffering
4) Sleepwalk
5) Death Unto OThers
6) Watch Your Mouth, Sweetheart
7) Cognitive Dissonance
8) A Threat and a Promise
9) Mannequin Smile
10) Too Late For Redemption
11) Accepting Fate
12) Miss America
13) The Downfall


Jason Denney: Vocals
Ryan George: Guitar
Ilai Lebel: Drums
Garrett Harer: Bass
Nick Leavenworth: Guitar

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