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Belarussian Fockin Idiots
For The Brotherhood
August 2011
Released: 2011, Rogue Records America
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Robert Williams

BFI or Belarussian Fockin Idiots is a five piece deathcore ensemble from Belarus who have just released their debut EP titled FOR THE BROTHERHOOD through Rogue Records America.

A brief intro track begins FOR THE BROTHERHOOD with chugging guitars and vocalist Geba shouting "Are you ready fuckers?" before kicking into the played out and generic deathcore of "Last Night Together With My Friends". I can respect and appreciate that in Belarus a band like BFI must be the talk of the town and the "shit" if you will, but Stateside bands like this are a dime a dozen and the supposedly heavy chug-a-lug guitars, throaty mock death vocals and stop-start breakdowns bore me to tears.

"Nothing Is More To Come" sounds damn near indistinguishable from the formula first developed on the intro track that was carried into "Last Night Together With My Friends". I must be getting old because I see no appeal in the deathcore genre and it is difficult for me to digest save for some hooky melodic guitar leads and punishing blast beats thrown in every so often for good measure.

"One Life One Death" finally picks up the pace a bit with some breakneck thrash passages with blistering speed before making me search my medicine cabinet for a Tylenol PM with another insipid breakdown section. The EP's title track is another plodding exercise in rehashed futility and core mannerisms. The band's name is really starting to hit home with me and I think I agree with their chosen moniker wholeheartedly at this point.

The artwork for FOR THE BROTHERHOOD features a large red crab sporting some Revenge of the Nerds glasses. I'm not hip enough to distinguish if this is a crab core reference or not and frankly I just don't give a damn. What else can I say other than the production is decent, the performances are top notch and the songs are awful.
Track Listing

1. Intro
2. Last Night Together With My Friends
3. Nothing Is More To Come
4. One Life One Death
5. For The Brotherhood
6. Open Up Wide
7. Ничто Не Вечно (Bonus Track)


Geba - Vocals
Grisha - Guitar
Gleb - Guitar
Leha - Bass
Oleg - Drums



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