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May 2004
Released: 2004, Dynamic Arts Records
Rating: 1.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Blasphemous, hysteric and ´perkelish´ Black ´sucky´ Metal from the filth hounds of Hades comes under a name of Bexehen whose debut album has been re-mastered and re-released now on Dynamic Arts Records as a limited edition (the original edition came out in 2000 already through a Finnish label Sinister Figure, limited to 500 copies only!). Obviously there´s been some demand for this re-release thing amongst the black of the blackest infernal hordes, so their prayers have been answered. Good for them then... well, I suppose.

But to be honest and straight with all of you people, if I was the owner of D.A.R., this re-issue thing would have never happened in the first place. Behexen´s primitive, grim and raw Black Metal doesn´t do a simpliest thing to me; only leaving me totally numb, cold and looking stupid as fuck, I guess. Overall the whole concept for their utterly Satanic Black Metal is very cheesy, corny, boring and without any elements of darker enjoyments, whatever in Hell those might be in question... (?)

Or maybe it´s just me who isn´t ´necro´ or ´trOO´ or fuck, whaever! enough to be able to understand ´the art value (!)´ of this creation any deeper and meaningful way? Either way, the fact still remains the same: RITUALE SATANUM will certainly NOT do a trip near by my jukebox ever again.

If I ever wanted to enjoy my Black Metal the most primitive and sinister way, then there´s always Beherit´s DRAWING DOWN THE MOON and Darkthrone´s A BLAZE IN THE NORTHERN SKY that I have always and ultimately considered as the guaranteed listening pleasures for me. And those two particular releases are supposed to be ´necro´ enough for me, so... next (*insert a ´Frisbee effect´ here!*)!
Track Listing

01. Intro / The Summoning
02. Sota Valon Jumalaa Vastaan
03. Night of the Blasphemy
04. Christ Forever Die
05. Towards the father
06. Saatanan Varjon Synkkyydessä
07. Baphomet´s Call...
08. The Flames of the Blasphemer
09. Blessed Be the Darkness
10. Rituale Satanum


Torog – Vocals
Gargantum – Guitar
Veilroth – Guitar
Lunatic – Bass
Horns - Drums

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