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Backyard Babies
Stockholm Syndome
December 2003
Released: Dece, BMG
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

The long awaited new album with Backyard Babies has arrived. It was released at the end of last year. It was heavily delayed because of that Nicke and Dregen designed their own guitar which they have been out to promote. The band is going to follow up the highly appraised album MAKING ENEMIES IS GOOD from ‘01 that was followed by a massive tour. After that they took a longer break and they took on other commitments. Both Nicke and Dregen have been out playing records on clubs.

They have been in Studio 301 in Stockholm, Sweden to record this new album. The mixing was done by Larrabee Studio West in Los Angeles, produced/mixed and recorded by Joe Bárresi. There’s nothing wrong with the soundpicture or the production, Backyard has re-fined their sound even more this time. Maybe a bit too much though, this is a bit over produced and the more dirty sound the band had has disappeared. Nickes voice has developed, on the previous record his voice sounded dirty and sleazy and you could instantly hear who was singing, now he sounds like any other singer. Those are the things that puts down the rating.

The band has recorded 11 tracks for this album; they have also written everyone except one that’s written by Borg/Monroe/Jones/Tyla/Ramone/Persson/Clark. Everyone mentioned earlier is also singing on this song “Friends”, everyone has a part in the verse and I suppose that they all are singing in the chorus.

Backyards glam/garage/party rock’n’roll sound has re-fined on this album. Still there are some influences of what Iggy Pop did in the 70’s and also what Hanoi Rocks, Guns ‘n Roses and Ramones did but they have taken it and made it sound like their own. Before the album came they released MINUS CELSIUS on CDS. Now the album is out and my personal expectations on it were huge and were partly fulfilled.

This is a strong album; all the songs are equally strong. I haven’t got any particular favourite track. The whole tour starts off early ‘04 and they are heading out in Scandinavia first before they take on the whole world. I have played the album a lot and it grows on you every time. Backyard is going to try to conquer the U.S with this album and I don’t think that is going to be a problem. As usual when it comes to a new album it’s only touring that counts and I think that they are going to be on the road the whole next year and a bit into ‘05. All fan of glam/sleaze/party rock’n’roll should check this Swedish band out.

The things mentioned above drags down the rating to a 4 instead of a 5.
Track Listing

1. Everybody Ready
2. Earn The Crown
3. A Song For The Outcast
4. Minus Celsius
5. Pigs For Swine
6. One Sound
7. Say When
8. Year By Year
9. Friends
10. Be Myself And I
11. You Tell Me You Love Me You Lie


Nicke Borg – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Dregen – Guitar, Sidekick Vocals
Johan Blomquist – Bass
Peder Carlsson – Drums

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