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Before The Fall
November 2012
Released: 2012, Noisehead Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Every metalhead loves that feeling when they come across a band or album that jumps out at them, gives them goose bumps and gives them an obligation to listen to that band or album repeatedly for days on end. It appears I have become subject to such sorcery after listening to Austrian hard-hitters “Before The Fall‘s” latest release “Antibody”.

The band was founded in Vienna in 2005 by Vocalist Michael Kronstorfer and fellow guitarist Rudolf Obermann, the band almost immediately signed to Noisehead records and released their first album entitled “From Mutism to Riddance” which gained massive support, not just at a local level but internationally too. I anticipate a similar response from “Antibody” towards the end of this year and into 2013.

Before we get to the in depth analysis of the album, I can honestly make a blanket claim that it is a fantastic listen, whether you like metal core, melodic metal or thrash/death metal, this album is an all you can eat multi cuisine dining extravaganza….for your ears.

“Antibody” is the band’s second release and is incredibly produced, the sound is something that will stick out for you, a sound that you can feel as well as hear. The first track kicks off with a short eerie sound before launching into some perfectly timed triplets, which are one of the many hooks this album has. After one listen of the album I could remember certain hooks easily whether it was drum beats, guitar riffs, vocals, harmonies or bass lines.

After hearing the first chorus it conjured up the thought of the imagined progeny of Insomnium and Machine Head, with the melody and epic like background, with the groovy thrash and fierce vocals to complement it perfectly. I’ve always been more inclined to like and/or respect bands who have a vocalist who plays an instrument, and this was definitely the case here. Michael Kronstorfer’s vocal and guitar skills are phenomenal in this effort and I would imagine their live show is an experience to be savoured.

The flow to the album is satisfying and each song offers something different in it’s own way, whether it’s melodic or heavier than a Sumo’s BMI. Song lengths are good, ranging from 3 - 6 mins, apart from the interlude and outro (2 mins and 1 min respectively).

What I loved about this album mostly is how it stuck in the mind, I can name several stand out tracks, and I will. Standout tracks for me would be track number two; “Fucked Up World” which has the most satisfying groove. Track number four; “Destroy” which is a relentless hard hitter. Track six; “On Your Knees” because of it’s progressive element and the ending is purely sublime. Track eight; “Blood Tsunami” which is the instrumental interlude, and track nine “Becoming the Enemy” and I’ll guess the first 10 seconds will tell you why I chose this as a standout.

Overall I’d definitely recommend this album, the structure and work ethic is fantastic, this album fits together perfectly like a giant jigsaw which, when put together, reveals a giant middle finger. If you love metal and love aggression then you need this album.

Review by Andrew May
Track Listing

1. Prepare Thy Way Before Thee
2. Fucked Up World
3. Burden of the Past
4. Destroy
5. On Your Knees
6. Cruzified Perdition
7. Blood Tsunami
8. Go to Hell
9. Becoming the Enemy
10. Never Been Born
11. Warcry
12. Antibody


Michael Kronstorfer - Guitars/Vocals
Rudolf Obermann - Guitar
Llubo Lukic - Guitar
Luca Boccia - Bass
Phillipp Puc - Drums

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