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Backyard Babies
Making Enemies Is Good
January 2002
Released: 2001, BMG
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Backyard Babies have been on tour for a long time and at last their new record has come. The one before was released in 1998. Now they have to live up to expectations with the new record. Before this record, the band were special guests to the mighty AC/DC during their winter tour where they performed new songs for the public before MAKING ENEMIES IS GOOD was released.

I have listened to the record a good deal and they live up to the expectations that I had for the album. They will probably get more attention in the rest of the world than what was obtained with the former album. My first taste of the album before the release was the single ”Brand new Hate” a real partyrocker. Backyard Babies glam/garage/party rock´n roll is rather near what Iggy Pop did during the 70s and the old Finish glamrockers Hanoi Rocks did though more refined through the years. The production of sound was been more well produced than on the previous records.

Johan (Bass), Peder (Drums), Nicke (Git and Leed vox) and Dregen (git, sidekick vox) show in the first song where they are going. They show it with the song ” I love to roll”, which is a hard rocking with guest vocals from the Swedish (c)rapstar Leila K. Other partysongs on the record with full speed ahead are ”Payback”, ”The Clash”, ”EX-files”, ”To tough to make some friends”, ”Heaven” and ”Bigger W/A Trigger.” Dregen sings the lead vox on a calmer track. Dregen makes a good job as leadvox. Many people find him a ”stylist” who only knows three chords. Not in my taste. I think he is a big guitar hero and I think he has developed on the new record. There are more calm ballads are on the record like ”Painkiller” and potential radio hits are ”My demonic side” and ”Colours”. Nicke as a singer has developed. Peder has got more space in the sound than before. They have made all the songs together but for ”Brand new hate”. Ginger from Ex-Wildhearts has helped. Tyla from ex-The Dogs Dámour has helped on Painkiller.

Backyard Babies can lean back and relax. This is the best record of 2001 in my opinion. There isn´t a bad track on the whole record. Now it’s time for tournig, touring and touring. The tour has already started througout Europe and Japan. Buy MAKING ENEMIES IS GOOD. No-one will be disappointed. This record will last for many years. Backyard´s best record so far!


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