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This Elegy, his Autopsy
October 2005
Released: 2005, Earache
Rating: 0.5/5
Reviewer: Madman

I hate Beecher and I expect to get compensated for having to listen to both of their albums…

THIS ELEGY, HIS AUTOPSY is album #2 from Machester’s Beecher. The first album (also reviewed this month) saw a re-release this year from the UK’s own haven for metal/hardcore, Earache. Now with THIS ELEGY, HIS AUTOPSY Beecher is set to get a bigger audience and get in the way of me listening to the new Manilla Road album again.

Beecher play tech/core, or whatever it is you want to say bands like DEP/December/whomever else play. The difference between THIS ELEGY, HIS AUTOPSY and the band’s debut, BREAKING THE FOURTH WALL, is actually a bit large. A lot of the screamy vocals are cast aside, along with many of the clean vocal parts. The vocals are more of a gruff, lower register shout than anything else which fits with the heavier music. The band is noisier this time, fit to make less sense musically than the last time with more stop/start riffing, more noise for the sake of noise sections, and more musical changes than needed. Not to mention they throw in some quiet parts to sound inventive. With all those changes, I still hate Beecher. It may not be as outright annoying but it’s still not an enjoyable listen.

“It’s Good Weather for Black Leather” (what purpose that has a song title, I don’t know) starts off the album with stop/start riffing leading into blasts and a very nonsensical riff. The main riff doesn’t flow, but I guess that’s the point, to create as many “jarring” moments as possible to sound hip with the current scene. The song constantly changes and creates as many changes as possible, which are needed when you can’t write a single good riff, why not write 30 bad ones instead? If you can’t impress them, attempt to overwhelm them. “Function! Function!” reminds me of December, I’m not sure why since December are a bit more involving in their technicality (maybe it’s my lack of reference points for this style?), but something about the starting is pretty typical of a lot of bands in this style. “The Womaniser and the Alcoholic” is basically just a random sound effects track to create some distance between tracks…

“Knight the Arsonist” is pretty bland, if not for the section in it that reminds me of Canadian mainstream rock acts like Our Lady Peace or I Mother Earth. In “…And on the Day that He Became a Human Plumb Line” one starts to hear some of the more emo styled sections that were on the first album. The whole thing sounds like Alexisonfire, just with a voice over. Beecher actually made a semi-enjoyable song in “Man the Traps” with some pretty straightforward riffing the band create a nice rocking track that actually contains a good riff and doesn’t descend into changing every few seconds. I guess the band figured they actually had a good riff and that they’d stick with it for a bit longer this time…

While I still hate THIS ELEGY, HIS AUTOPSY I am able to acknowledge the fact that Beecher have progressed and made some turns in the right direction. Dropping much of the emo sections was a good idea and changing the vocals turned out to make things just a tad more listenable. I still maintain that Beecher don’t make good music and if I catch you listening to this, the consequences could be dire.
Track Listing

1. Its Good Weather for Black Leather
2.Function! Function!
3. The Womanizer and the Alcoholic
4. Knight the Arsonist
5. Not Guilty
6. And on the Day that He Became a Human Plumb-line
7. Psycho Galvanic Skin Response
8. Man the Traps
9. Brown Eyes (no name)
10. The Biting Cold
11. I Won't Miss, or be Bissed
12. Happiness
13. Reach Up to the Gods


Edward Godby - Vocals
Mark Lyons - Guitar
Daniel Shaw - Guitar
David Hopkinson - Bass
Danny Jones - Drums

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