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Sin Angeles
January 2005
Released: 2004, GOI Music
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Lord of the Wasteland

Abyss hails from Spain and their blend of epic power metal with touches of prog works well on their second release, SIN ANGELES. Sung entirely in their native tongue, the passion of the music is able to transcend the language barrier with help from the musicians’ obvious skill with their instruments. The songs on SIN ANGELES are well-crafted but do tend to be a bit lengthy. With the exception of the final track, all exceed six minutes while two are over ten minutes. At times, I found myself looking to see if a track had ended and I missed the break only to find it was still the same song. Less can often be more and at nearly seventy minutes, SIN ANGELES could have benefitted from some editing.

“Sed” is a solid power metal number with a dash of prog-style keyboards that never replace a solid guitar riff. The keyboard influence becomes a bit heavy on “Dulce Mal” but Jaime Garcia’s powerful voice saves the track from becoming too fluffy. At 14:08, “Medio Oriente” is exceptionally long but takes enough twists and turns to keep the listener interested. The Eastern-tinged female vocals are a nice touch and complement Garcia’s voice well. The title track is a schmaltzy ballad that Enrique Iglesias could have done to melt the ladies with and doesn’t really fit with the rest of the songs. Some top-notch guitar work from Marcos Escano and Adolfo Vergara lead into a crunchy groove that carries the track. The pair’s talent is showcased on the instrumental album closer, “Un Poco Mas Cerca Del Cielo” in a soothing, melancholy track that never goes over the top in technical wankery or showmanship.

Jaime Garcia has a strong voice with a vast range and the guitars are never compromised. Keyboards are a bit heavy and the songs could be trimmed for length but otherwise, this is a good way to spend an hour. SIN ANGELES will obviously have a limited market due to the band’s decision to sing exclusively in Spanish but for fans of Dream Theater, etc., Abyss is a good introduction to that country’s metal talent.

KILLER KUTS: “Dulce Mal,” “Medio Oriente”
Track Listing

1. Sed
2. Dulce Mal
3. Medio Oriente
4. Por Siempre Jamas
5. De Fuego Y Traicion
6. Sin Angeles
7. A Costa Da Morte
8. Esclavo De Mis Suenos
9. Un Poco Mas Cerca Del Cielo (Instrumental)


Jaime Garcia—Vocals
Marcos Escano—Guitar
Adolfo Vergara—Guitar
Israel Fuentes—Bass
German Villen—Keyboards
Raphael Fedriani—Drums

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