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Abysmal Dawn
From Ashes (Re-Issue)
September 2012
Released: 2012, Relapse Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

A New Wave Of American Death Metal outfit, Abysmal Dawn have paid their dues touring extensively with (amongst many others) Six Feet Under, Suffocation, Emperor, Decapitated, and Goatwhore, which has turned them into a very finely honed machine. This release is actually a re-issue of the original 2006 album, with the bonus of their original 3 track 2004 demo also added.

Best described (in my humble opinion) as a technical Death Metal band, their musical prowess cannot be praised enough, they put a great many better-known bands to shame! Make no mistake they are plenty brutal, yet with enough ‘sophistication’ to set them apart from the crowd.

Now it’s been many years since I heard the original version of this, and age has muddied my memory more than a little (hell I am nearly 50!), but whatever mastering has been done has been subtle, just clarifying and separating the instruments just a little, and it’s really made me realise and appreciate just how technically able and mature this band are (and indeed were even 6 years ago).

The songs are well written and well constructed, and the track listing is cleverly done so you escape the possibility of thinking it could ever be called ‘one-dimensional’. The vocals are pure throat ripping DM, and should appeal to your taste no matter what style of Death Metal you prefer.

Well done to Relapse for grabbing these guys and re-releasing this, a job really well done. If you already remember this first time around? It’s so worth rediscovering a second time! If you’re wondering what the fuss is about? Here’s your chance to find the magic!

Review by: Satanic Muttley
Track Listing

1. Impending Doom
2. In The Hands Of Death
3. Blacken The Sky
4. Servants To Their Knees
5. Wicked Impulse
6. Solitude’s Demise
7. State Of Mind
8. Salting The Earth
9. Crown Desire
10. Blacken The Sky (2004 demo)
11. Solitude’s Demise (2004 demo)
12. State Of Mind (2004 demo)


Charles Elliott (guitars/vocals)
Michael Cosio (bass guitars)
Scott Fuller (drums)

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