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Abuse of Power
Feels Like War
September 2000
Released: 2000, Independent
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Screw MTV’s shit bastard CD Return of the Rock (reviewed here last month by EvilG), Abuse of Power is the real return of the rock! These Canadians are a true rock band in every sense of the word – screaming guitars, loud vocals, and attitude. It’s good to hear a band just kick out the jams these days where image is often more important than talent. Well, AoP have no image and are damn proud of it, they just let their music do the talking for ‘em!

One of the advantages of AoP is that they manage to sound like a million other bands without blatantly sounding like the are ripping anyone off. They’ve got that familiar feel right from the first listen. Their flagship song is the self-titled “Abuse of Power”, and it is easily their best song. According to their bio, the song has even managed to get some decent airplay out in their native British Columbia. The song is a cool rocker that splits open the CD and leads you in, headbanging the whole way.

From there on in however, things get a little bit muddled. “Lost Child” is an overlong confused song that seems to be alternately a teenage lament and a “screw you!” to an, ahem, slightly younger ex. “What?” trundles by without making much of an impression, not helped by the 2nd-rate sounding production job (an affliction that hurts the CD as a whole). “Force Fed” is a slower tune that pounds along nicely, making up for the misdirection of the previous two tracks. Finally, “Deliverance” closes out the CD with another mid-pacer that might be a bit too similar to “Force Fed” (minus the gang vocals that are on that song). Overall, Abuse of Power is about rocking out in that sort of old-style heavy metal vein (picture high quality 80’s bands like Kick Axe) and should continue to get attention in the future. Contact:
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