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Abstract Essence
Love Enough
July 2013
Released: 2013, Metalgate Productions
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Abstract Essence from Czech Republic makes it pretty clear that they don’t want to be put in a box. They joggle most genres possible and try to put it all together on a concept album. Let’s just say that we are dealing with symphonic metal with splashes of grindcore, opera, and electro and I don’t think harm has been done. So because of the mega mix of different genres Abstract Essence is an original band with never-heard-anything-like-this material? No. This is what most avant-garde bands sounds like when it comes to playing with the theatrical spectres of black- and progressive metal and have been listening to Cradle of Filth in their teens. And it is a mess.

With song titles such as “Divine Whore” and “Good Day for a Funeral Blowjob” it is hard to tell if this is all a joke, a big drug trip or an angry man’s rage against his ex-girlfriend. Claiming that this is a concept album about love and seduction I don’t feel slightly seduced not to mention very far from loving. It is extremely difficult to take this record serious. Music, vocals and lyrics collapse together and it feels like you, as the listener, are being swirled around. I understand the need to challenge the listener, but it never really works out.

The vocals are not doing much the combine the musical mess. The accent is bad and no matter what language you wanna sing in, it must be done in a language you are confident with. The high pitching is annoying, the female vocals are just a tacky touch and the screaming growling needs a lot of work. You never become familiar with the vocals as it is all over you and then vanishing again to let another vocal take over.

Avantgarde is not for everyone, but it can be more appealing if there is a lot more flow to the music and vocals.

By Ellen Norvang
Track Listing

01. Overture
02. Rockn’n'Roll Soul
03. The Good Old Days of Seduction
04. Limitless Futures
05. Red One
06. Divine Whore
07. Stalker
08. Act of Violence
09. This is a good Day for a Funeral Blowjob
10. Solar Barge
11. Love Enough


OndRáš Zbránek - Lead vocals
Radim Ondra - Guitars
Libor Kukula - Bass Guitar
Jan "Mani" Pavlůsek - Keyboards
Milan "Peki" Pekárek - Drums

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