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At The Soundawn
Red Square: We Come In Waves
January 2009
Released: 2008, Lifeforce Records
Rating: 1.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

This disc is the first release from this Italian act. This five-piece act started playing together during 2000 but it has taken the band a while to find their style and image. The musical style the band performs is a strange mix of alternative rock/indie rock and hardcore.

The members have written the music around certain feelings and different moods, which makes the music somewhat complex and hard to understand. The bands singer mostly shouts and screams out the lyrics and he has no variation or vocal range what so ever. I suffered through this album. I don’t get this kind of alternative music at all. What amazes me is that the musicians actually feel like they are really talented but what I can’t understand is what they’re doing in At The Soundawn. The band has managed to put 7 songs on CD and I have really tried to find something positive with the songs but I haven’t. The songwriters have put too many influences and genres into each song and it is impossible to find any song that rises over the rest. The production feels and sounds cheap and like a low-budget production. It feels like the lead vocals were recorded in a separate room several miles away from the rest of the band and the guitars sounds too lame.

RED SQUARE: WE COME IN WAVES is probably one of the worst albums released this year. You can’t blame the band for trying but if they want to have a future within the music scene they have to change their music style or at least decide in what genre they want to be.
Track Listing

Slight Variations
One Day Before
Phone Will
Sundown In Rome
Rain Falls
Frames Of You


Mirro Migilori – lead vocals
Andrea Violante – guitar
Matteo Bassoli – guitar
Alessio Bellotto – bass
Enrico Calvano – drums

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