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Atlas Entity
October 2015
Released: 2015, Self Released
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

Atlas Entity is a one man progressive death metal band from the mighty Tampa Florida (go Bucs!), currently in support of the first of a planned trilogy of EPs, ENCELADUS. Named after one of Saturn’s largest moons, ENCELADUS embraces more cosmically minded themes across the EP’s four tunes – and while it’s not perfect, it’s certainly a promising entrance.

The opening “Upon the Crest of Solar Winds” is immediately impressive, introducing Alex Gallegos’ apparent native ability to marry melody, harmonic layers, and up-tempo, galloping riffs. The tune recalls a less technically inclined Obscura or Decrepit Birth, whose drummer, Samus, btw just so happens to guest on drums across the four tracks. It’s a solid track that manages to shift tempos and moods pretty seamlessly, a recipe that follows across the remainder of ENCELADUS. “Fissures” and “Gravity Well” provide the same level of technical competence, but felt more like a collection of heady riffs patched together than cohesive creative ideas. “The Great Deconstructor” fares considerably better, concluding with a volley emotive runs that better echo the EP’s intent with genuine sweat and passion.

The production is super clean considering it’s a self-released effort, and Gallegos has made it a point to ensure that every bit of what’s supposed to be heard shines through. Vocally, there’s a fair amount of layers from bottom of the diaphragm guttural to upper register black metal scowl, which helps to provide some welcomed color and diversity to the songs. The one dig that stands out the most is Gallegos’ own performance limitations; the riffs are crazy strong and the guy’s got a knack for arrangements, but the tunes beg for some more complex lead guitar work to fully realize their potential.

But, as it is ENCELADUS is a strong opening statement from Atlas Entity, and I’m genuinely eager to hear more from what Gallegos and company have to offer. For those of you with delicate ears, it’s a more accessibly melodic outing, but it’s no less of a good time. Check out Atlas Entity’s Bandcamp page for samples and purchase info.
Track Listing

1. Upon the Crest of Solar Winds
2. Fissures
3. Gravity Well
4. The Great Deconstructor


Alex Gallegos – All Vocals, Instruments
Samus Paulicelli - Drums

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