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Our Bleeding Sun
January 2012
Released: 2011, Self Released
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

AbsentiA is a quartet from Spain currently promoting their second self-released full length, OUR BLEEDING SUN. Taking healthy nods from dark symphonic metal acts like Moonspell, Samael, and ENTHRONE DARKNESS-era Dimmu Borgir, AbsentiA cranks a familiar, but no less potent blend of blackened goth metal. It’s a heavy, high quality affair for an indie release, and one that’s worth your time to investigate further.

The 9-tracks on OUR BLEEDING SUN succeed primarily because they harness the best elements that you’ve come to expect from this vein of metal, but without the embarrassing kitsch. No corpse paint, no frilly outfits, no dancing girls – just four dudes pummeling some angry tunes. Though there’s a prominent emphasis on keyboard/synth atmospherics, there’s a solid underlying riff structure across OUR BLEEDING SUN that gives the songs some welcomed substance. And the rhythm guitars carry more ballast than your typical black metal disc, so the additional weight and “oomph” from the six-string department make the whole affair sound that much more menacing.

There’s not a weak track to be found on OUR BLEEDING SUN, but AbsentiA really hit their stride when all engines are firing at once – particularly cuts like “End of the Line,” “If Only I,” and “Dead Winter.” Musically, the band sounds generally talented, but they never stray far from the basic blueprints of each song. And for an indie effort, the packaging and production work both top-notch. The album looks and sounds excellent, and is yet another reminder to unsigned bands everywhere; you don’t need to have the purse of a major label behind your band to release a quality product.

If you’re a fan of symphonic metal, consider OUR BLEEDING SUN to be a worthy addition to your music library. Check out AbsentiA’s website for more info on the band and purchase links.
Track Listing

1. All This Hell
2. The End of the Line
3. Inferno
4. Dead Winter
5. Darkest Tranquility
6. Portrait of a Soul
7. Is Heaven Crying?
8. If Only I
9. One More Step (Away from Home)


David García - Keyboards
Julián Diaz - Vocals, Guitars
Ian Alvarez - Bass
Manuel Morán – Drums

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