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Promo 2007
June 2007
Released: 2007, Self-released
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

“In-yer-face Thrash Metal” (as this promo states in my hairy hands so loudly & proudly!), having been influenced by such names in metal as Kreator, Sodom, Destruction, Anthrax, Judas Priest, Exodus, A.R.G., Nuclear Assault, etc. etc. - an endless name dropping continues.

Axegressor hails from the fuckin´ filthy soils of Finland. This band is run by fuckin´ dirty and nasty-looking Thrash Metal bastards who have undoubtedly done their homework well with a pile of well-selected albums from all those abovementioned acts - and who obviously would sell their own dear moms for a tiny class of ´Koskenkorva´.

But seriously, Axegressor honestly performs some of the greatest and most convincing Thrash fuckin´ Metal that has ever been composed in the entire Finnish history of metal! I know it may sound like I´m only saying this because I ´might well know´ the guys in Axegressor personally (My motto is: Better lick some other´s ass than your own, ha!), but however, it doesn´t change the fact that since I received this totally and mercilessly ear drum raping 5-song package of sheer Thrash Metal entertainment in my mail, I haven´t bothered to check out any other music around me for a couple of days. This is as good stuff as I´m suggesting it to be - really! Try to imagine melting Stone´s or Testament´s technically fancy song structures with the true filthiness and ugliness of bands like Destruction and Sodom - and spice this all up with some Finnish madness and you pretty much have Axegressor. These 5 maniacally thrashing Finns have an awesomely good vibe pushing through their songs and I´m certain it will carry them far if they just manage to keep themselves hungry for the type of Thrash Metal they perform on this brilliant 5-track promotional CD.

A song called “Luoti Päähän” (“Bullet into the Head” in English) proves clearly how a sort of lyrical idiocy and pure craziness of relentlessly churned out Thrash Metal can mesh perfectly together if the right attitude is there. And that´s what Axegressor is basically all about: the right attitude and a common vision of what is needed to make some great Thrash fuckin´ Metal that doesn´t fake or fool anyone to be what it actually is.

I simply love this band - and I bet many others will do as well if the ´80s Thrash Metal vibe is what your hearts and souls cry for. Now be forever hailed the fucking bastards in Axe-fuckin´-gressor, at least in my books of undivided respect and admiration!
Track Listing

01. Attack!!!
02. Sister Whore
03. Luoti Päähän
04. Spell of Suffering
05. Thrash All Night


Johnny Nuclear Winter - Vocals
AKI47 - Lead guitar
Seba - Rhythm guitar
Aki Passo - Bass
Late - Drums

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