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Taste of Sin
December 2000
Released: 2000, Motor Music
Rating: 2.7/5
Reviewer: Nathan Robinson

Man, it’s amazing to think that this band released one of the greatest death metal masterpieces ever by the name of Longing for Death (Todessensucht for you Europeans). I’ve always had a special place in my heart for Atrocity, even through all of the changes in musical direction. Maybe it’s because I refuse to accept the fact that the band has moved away from death metal, or maybe it’s because no one else sounds like this band. With all of their experimentation on their third album Blut and afterwards, they seemed to be back on track with the release of their brutal fourth album Willenskraft and The Hunt EP. But another extreme shift was abound in the form of their ‘80s covers album Werk 80. The album was different, to say the least, and I liked it, knowing it was just another “project”. Well, the band got much attention for this album, and they have decided to retain this musical direction, as well as the unique image. As I write this, the new album Gemini is already available. Prior to this album’s release, Atrocity released the Taste of Sin CD single, which contains the title track, two remixes of said song, and a new cover tune called “Pictures of Matchstick Men”. “Taste of Sin” is still pretty fucking heavy in the guitar department, but it’s pretty simple overall. Alexander Krull’s vocals are a cross between gothic and death metal, and the addition of keyboards throughout the song gives it an extra gothic kick. This is also the debut performance of Martin Schmidt, the new drummer. I have no doubt former drummer Michael Schwartz left due to the more simplistic nature of Atrocity’s music nowadays, which would restrict his style too much. Hopefully we’ll hear Michael bring forth another Belching Beet album! Back to the CD…two remixes of “Taste of Sin” are included, and are exclusive to this release. Well remixes in general are complete shit, so fuck these two tracks! “Pictures of Matchstick Men” is also an exclusive track. Nothing special here, just more of the same vibe that Werk 80 had, and a little too accessible perhaps. But hey, it’s a cover song.

Overall, this CD single is nothing special other than the exclusive tracks and artwork. So if you’re a diehard fan or completist (of which I am both), this is for you. Others should just check into Gemini (which I should have a review of come January 2001). Check out Atrocity’s new and very cool web site at: And can anyone hook me up with a copy of their 1988 demo??
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