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From the Depths of Time
April 2006
Released: 2005, Nightmare Records
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Asassinkiller

If the music is well executed, the production decent, the vocals as good as they get and even David Ellefson (ex-Megadeth) is in the bass department, you must wonder what is the problem with Avian’s debut album FROM THE DEPTHS OF TIME. The answers are simple, 1) the choruses are as forgettable as your second girlfriend. They have no hook, and that is a suicide if you play Melodic Heavy/Power Metal. 2) Musically there is no variation throughout the CD, all of the songs could be basically the same one, except for “Time is all we need”, which has a different feeling. Note: I am not listing “Across Millions” and "Last Moon" as different, cause even if they are instrumental, they don't offer anything to the release.

I mean, in FROM THE DEPTHS OF TIME there are some good moments like “As the World Burns”, “Time is All We Need” (this one is a great one and the standout track), “Final Frontier”, “Blinding Force” and “Time and Space Part 1”. But as I said before, Avian, at least in this release, has nothing to offer to the extremely saturated Heavy/Power Metal scene. The only reason why I would encourage you in getting this CD is if you were the richest Metalhead in the world, cause that would mean that your collection has all the releases ever, including the average ones.

Avian has the potential and skill to reach a new level (of confidence and power!!!). They just have to make a bigger effort next time, cause if the don’t, they will loose their big shot at being someone in the Metal world. I hope that next time they deliver what they are capable of, cause surely talent is on their side. Stay Heavy!!!
Track Listing

1) Through The Past and Into Forever (Instrumental)
2) As The World Burns
3) Black Masquerade
4) The Fear
5) Final Frontier
6) Across The Millions (Instrumental)
7) Time And Space Part I: City of Peace
8) Single Blade of Vengeance
9) Two Sides Collide
10) Blinding Force
11) Time Is All We Need
12) Queen of the Insane
13) Last Moon (Instrumental)
14) The Depths of Time



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From the Depths of Time
June 2006
Released: 2005, Nightmare Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Another month, another batch of releases from Nightmare Records. That’s what it feels like lately, as I’ve reviewed a seemingly endless stream of releases from the label, with another three added this month. The good is, they’ve all been quality releases, and occasionally, in the case Pyramaze’s LEGEND OF THE BONE CARVER, they’ve been mind-blowing. Now with Avian’s debut album, we’ve got a mixture of keyboard and guitar wizards (Leviathan and Jonah Weingarten), the amazing vocals of Lance King, and the solid bass of ex-Megaman David Ellefson. It's an intriguing collection of musicians to be sure.

So what does this conclave bring to our ears? A mix of power metal/progressive hard rock is the chosen style, no surprise coming from Nightmare Records. As usual, King’s vocals lead the charge, and he is as impressive as ever, no doubt. It doesn’t feel like Ellefson adds much, other than his name, as the bass is typically buried behind the guitars and keyboards. He is audible, but is his usual non-flashy self. With bands like this, it is the guitarist and keyboardist that have to shine – it’s a good thing these guys are up to the job. Fiery solos abound, strafing the music like a double shot of Malmsteen.

It’s all very well-played, but many of the songs are not too memorable. Opener “As the World Burns” has an infectious chorus and main riff, but many of the other songs come off as something Pyramaze would do, only not as good. There is absolutely nothing bad about this release, but there isn’t much that stands out either. If this is your favorite sub-genre of metal or you are a Lance King or David Ellefson fan, then by all means, jump on board. Everyone else can probably pass.

Avian definitely has the talent to put together an absolute barnstormer of a record, but FROM THE DEPTHS OF TIME is not that record.
Track Listing

1) Through the Past and Into Forever
2) As the World Burns
3) Black Masquerade
4) The Fear
5) Final Frontier
6) Across the Millions
7) Time and Space Part 1: City of Peace
8) Single Blade of Vengeance
9) Blinding Force
10) Time Is All We Need
11) Queen of the Insane
12) Last Moon
13) The Depths of Time


Lance King: Vocals
Yan Leviathan: Guitars
Jonah Weingarten: Keyboards
David Ellefson: Bass
David Small: Drums

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