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Red Shift
January 2002
Released: 2002, Peaceville
Rating: 1.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Asgoroth are very popular in their home country Spain. The band was formed 7 years ago and in ‘95 came their first release, a tape called SONGS OF WAR. In 1996 came a mini-cd called THE QUEST FOR ELDENHER and the same year they released their debut album TRAPPED IN DEPTHS OF EVE. They were discovered by Peaceville Records when the record company was in Spain on holiday. Peaceville liked what they’ve heard and signed Asgoroth to their label, and then Asgoroth’s second album were dued to be released worldwide.

How can you best describe what Asgoroths music sounds like? According to the liner notes it’s cinematic death metal with heavy guitars influenced by black metal (which is supposed to shine through the lyrics). I can’t agree to that music description at all (I only have the promo so I can’t say so much about the lyrics). It feels like Asgoroth can’t make up their minds in what genre of music they gonna play in. Sure, there are some influencies by death/black metal but mostly it sounds like mystic goth. It’s a lot of keyboards and samplers involved. The same thing about the lead vocals, it’s some strange mix of black metal/death metal vocals and regular vocals. The impression i’ve got is that Asgoroth can’t make up their mind in what genre they would like to belong. As I said before,it’s a terrible mix of all kind of metal genres and Asgoroth fails, big time.

One good thing with Asgoroth is that they are very competent musicians.

Asgoroth has managed to put 11 tracks on the album RED SHIFT. As an extra bonus there’s a video for “Naked Eye” for the computer. But in the end this is boring and not impressive at all. I’ll hope that in the future Asgoroth finds a genre thay can stick to and not continue to try to play all metal genres at once.
Track Listing

1. Naked Eye
2. Lured Decay
3. Cyphred
4. Bluntness
5. Buried
6. Mindscape
7. Descent To Dion
8. I, Befouled
9. 6 Bloodmarks
10. Sharpedge Solitude
11. Red Shift


Christopher Baque-Wildman –Lead Vocal, Lead Guitar, Keyboards
Daniel RubiPiero – Bass, Backup Vocals
Oscar David Reventos – Rhythm Guitar, Samplers
Oisin Martinez - Drums



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