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Salvation Like Destruction
March 2009
Released: 2008, Pulverised Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Australia has always been a great place for spending a vacation there… And for metal, of course!

Assaulter, this dirty and venomous gang from this land of hot burning sun and kangaroos, has named their favorite game a raw and dirty sounding black-thrash-heavy metal, in which they can undoubtedly have loads of fun with. The band´s main character, Simon Berserker has earned his spurs in Deströyer 666 (2002-2003), so what else you could really expect from him but a dirty, raw and primal sounding black-thrash metal that is poisonous enough to make wimps and posers to shit on their diapers.

SALVATION LIKE DESTRUCTION, this 7-song effort, is what it promises to be: Raw and simplistic in-yer-face black-thrash that simply pays quite much homage to some already known filth hounds of Hades - just like early Venom, early Sodom, Warfare, Deströyer 666 (not any surprise!), Hellhammer/Celtic Frost (especially the guitar tone has been set somewhat perfectly to a HH/CF tune), Order From Chaos and such. There´s tons of chaotic and hateful black energy stored inside this band that just begs to be released through their songs, and in which they also succeed pretty well in my opinion. They sound like they are on their ultimate war march against the commercialized heavy metal industry, having their middle fingers proudly and demonstratively raised up, and just giving a shit about nothing. Pretty enjoyable they are at what they do - not the slightest doubt about that. But in the very same breath I gotta say since they are not the first band to have this ´less-commercial-and-more-underground´ sound, it makes things a bit – how could I put it, ´less impressive´, I guess.

In other words, there´s neither really new, or barricade-breaking available on SALVATION music-wise - nor they are cutting the heads of wimps and posers as the true trail-blazing champions of the genre. However, the amount of satisfaction this slab of theirs provides for its listeners makes SALVATION LIKE DESTRUCTION worth checking out. Good stuff thoroughly, to the very last minute.
Track Listing

01. Talon and Teeth
02. The Axiom Star
03. Glory Alone
04. Proselytiser
05. Awe of Fire
06. Vengeance Whips
07. Between Gods and Men


S. Berserker - Vocals, guitars and bass
T. Hellfinder - Lead Guitars
AC - Drums

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