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Infected (1990) / The Art of Death (1992)
November 2002
Released: 2001, Powerage
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Rick

As a reviewer for I sometimes get the opportunity to review some pretty different stuff. Almost every genre of metal has come across my desk at one time or other and that is one of the small perks of the job. A few months ago I received a very interesting release in my mail. It was 2 Atrocity CDs on 1 disc. There have been Atrocity CDs reviewed on aso I went and read the reviews but they were for another band. What I realized was that the reviews in our database are for the German band Atrocity while this CD was from the American grindcore band of the same name. The Lineup of the band was Rob Wedda (vocals), Jesse Piechowski (guitar), Rich Flint (bass), Jeff White (drums).

Even though this is a double I will try to take each release as a separate entity. The bands first release was the 7" single “Hatred Birth” which they followed up with their first full length INFECTED. This album contains 19 tracks and clocks in at a whopping 34 minutes with the longest track clocking in at 3:22 and the shortest at :30. Packed into these 19 tracks is some damn good music. “Contamination”, “Nuclear Manslaughter”, “Destabilize” and “Toxic Death” pummel the listener into utter submission. But let me get one thing straight, I have heard many bands who do this and the result is just a mess of noise. Not so with Atrocity. Even playing at warp speed each song is still recognizable as its own entity. Even when Atrocity slow things down it is not exactly threading in tortoise country. “Personal Decimation”, “Bludgeoned to Death” and “Infected” all give the listener a small bit of breathing space while still keeping the intensity of the disc on 10.

THE ART OF DEATH, the bands second and final CD, was released in 1990. The first thing that I notice is that there are a few more of the slower variety tracks on this disc which, as with INFECTED, give the listener a chance to catch their breath after the extreme sonic assault of Atrocity. The production on THE ART OF DEATH is also a little fuller if not a bit muddier because of it. One of the more surprising tracks on the CD is “Deprsession”. This is the slowest and longest track that the band has done and well done it is. In fact, along with the all out blistering tracks like “I Am God I am Death” and “Charred Remains” there are lots of slower more thrashy tracks like “Delirium Tremors”, “Scarred” and “Unpure to Christ”.

It took me awhile to get my head around this disc. I have had it for a few months but it has taken me more than 1 listen to realize how great a disc (or discs I should say) this is. I had planned to give each Cd its own ranking in the beginning but since both received the same I will keep it as one. Its too bad that these guys were often mixed up with the German Atrocity because they deserve to have an identity all their own.
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