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At Vance
November 2010
Released: 2010, AFM
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Now this is how you do a Best Of! Last month (October 2010) I reviewed a UFO Best of the decade compilation and suggested it could have been executed better. UFO’s current label could take a look at At Vance’s label and see how to do a better job putting these things together. As always reviewing a ‘Best Of’ is a bit of a public service announcement. Die-hards will automatically get it, new fans might check it out, the rest of us may get it, depending on how well it is done. It’s not perfect but it’s pretty darn good.

This double disc set is called DECADE which doesn’t really make sense because it has tracks from the late 90’s as well. Aside from that minor gripe, it is a really good value with a whopping 37 songs! Disc One is a collection of 16 songs from the studio albums. There is no real rhyme or reason to the sequencing or selection of the songs that I can see. Some albums are under-represented and some are over-represented but that’s OK. They are all good songs giving a good overview of the bands quality work. Read more about their studio work in our reviews section.

Disc Two is the interesting stuff. It’s packed with cover tunes, rare stuff, a live cut and so on. Again there is no structure or organization to the sequencing of the tracks. The band has done many covers over the years, probably a couple dozen by now, but DECADE is not all-inclusive, there are a few cover songs they have left off this collection. Only the song ‘Wannabe’ is unfamiliar to me, it doesn’t seem to appear on any of the bands albums in any form. Could it be the lone, elusive, unreleased song? The covers songs are cool, most of the classical ones already appear on the regular studio versions. The bands choice of pop tunes (instead of covering ‘metal’ songs) is quirky but fun. I could do without the song ‘Shout’ by Tears for Fears. The sucks and will always suck, no matter who tries to metalize it. “Let it all out. This is a song I can do without!”

At over 2.5 hours this massive collection will please almost all fans. Yes, it could have been more inclusive and could have had a few more unreleased cuts. I suppose I should say something about the music. At Vance is world class German Power Metal. That’s all you need to know. Enjoy!
Track Listing

1. Only Human
2. Take Me Away
3. Take My Pain
4. Heaven
5. Chained
6. Broken Vow
7. The Evil in You
8. Fallen Angel
9. The Curtain Will Fall
10. Dragonchaser
11. Shiver
12. Cold as Ice
13. Flying High (Remastered)
14. Princess of the Night
15. Heart of Steel
16. Ride the Sky

Disc 2

1. Broken Vow (live)
2. Heroes of Honour
3. Logical Song (Supertramp cover)
4. Shout (Tears for Fears cover)
5. Highway Star (Deep Purple cover)
6. The Winner Takes It All (ABBA cover)
7. Money Money (ABBA cover)
8. S.O.S. (ABBA cover)
9. Gloomy Monday
10. Wannabe
11. Eye of the Tiger (Survivor cover)
12. Desperado (The Eagles cover)
13. Vivaldi / Spring
14. Vivaldi / Summer
15. Solfiegetto
16. Beethoven 5th Symphony
17. Bumblebee
18. Caprice No.16
19. Bach Invention No.13
20. Cello Prelude G-Major
21. Chopin Etude No.4


Current Line-up. Not representative of the entire compilation.

Rick Altzi - Vocals
Olaf Lenk - Guitars, Keyboards
Wolfman Black - Bass
Alex Landenburg - Drums

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