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January 2002
Released: 1994, Limb Music
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP


If I had to pick one band in the entire of history of metal to define the words “cult’ and “underground’ it would be ATTACK! I have NEVER met a metal fan who has heard of ATTACK, let alone own a CD. I know there are fans out there, but I’ve never met one. Mind you, I live in the middle of nowhere…

It is a boring way to start a review but a very brief history lesson is in order. Germany’s Attack were founded in 1984 by Bassist Ricky Van Helden. They have churned out 8 CD’s. They have toiled in obscurity on micro-labels like Iceland and ZYX for 15 + years and have the same vibe as Virgin Steele, really cult, and really underground.

This CD is a best of, encapsulating 10 years of the bands history, featuring songs from their first 5 CD’s including remakes, remixes and 3 bonus tracks. A great cover catches your eye, a warriors arm bursting through a cement highway, wielding a mighty sword. The background is a city in the clouds with a blood-red sky with lightning flashing around. How classic. The packaging is good for a very, independent production, 20+ photos, and a little essay, which is very useful for such an obscure band and the aforementioned cover. And the music is equally classic…three words…Melodic. Power. Metal.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, comparing a band to another band is a boring and all too easy way to review a CD…. BUT…in this case it is too true. If you like Hammerfall and if you like Manowar and if you like Virgin Steele… do yourself a favour and grab any Attack disc you can. I would not be surprised if Hammerfall covers an Attack tune one day. If you leave this review with only 6 words in mind, these are the ones to remember… “underground”, “cult”, “melodic”, “power”, “metal” …”ATTACK!”
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