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The Exceptions of Rebellion
January 2012
Released: 2011, Self Released
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

Assault is a melodic death metal outfit from Singapore who’ve been building a live reputation in their home country since 2006 and have just recently released their first EP, THE EXCEPTIONS OF REBELLIONS. The four tracks on the EP are generally straightforward tunes, which while a little rough around the edges at times, are enjoyable and show some promise for the band.

Stylistically, Assault bears some resemblance to acts like In Flames, Arch Enemy, and the general Swedish melodic metal mafia; lots of chunky rhythms layered with oodles of guitar harmonies. It’s a familiar formula, but the band works to put their own spin on it. The resulting four tracks on the EP are all fairly solid tunes that feature some potent melodies and tasteful licks. Vocalist Clarence Chong has an intelligible death growl that gives the tunes some edge with being too overbearing. The standout cut for me was “Fall of Obscurity,” with a “War on Humanity” being a close second. These two tracks just felt like they had some more personality than their brothers, though structurally they’re in line with everything else on the EP.

One thing that did stick out for me though – there are certain harmonies throughout the EP where it sounds like either one or both of the guitars are just off key enough to be glaringly noticeable. It’s not a constant, but when you hear it, you definitely hear it. It may be an artistic choice, but it’s one that may divide listeners. Beyond that, THE EXCEPTIONS OF REBELLION is a 16-minute diversion that’s pretty good. You can stream the tunes from the band’s page and I believe that physical copies are available through outlets like CM Distro. Assault’s already working on a full length follow up, so consider the EP as a teaser of things to come.
Track Listing

1. Subversion
2. War on Humanity
3. Rebellions Retribution
4. Fall of Obscurity


Clarence Chong - Vocals
Hanesh - Lead Guitars
Farid - Drums
Iyan - Rhythm Guitars
Syaz - Bass

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