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Artillery Hell
Artillery Hell EP
June 2005
Released: 2005, No, but thanks anyway!
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Gabriel C. Zolman

This is a powerful little EP, and one of the few “demo” releases that I count myself as lucky to have reviewed.

First off, keep in mind what you’re getting: Don’t expect slick, glossy big-label production. And really? The band doesn’t need it. Artillery Hell are a stinkin’ Thrash band with some Black/Death elements. They are primal and they are raw. They set up, and they thrash. They don’t need your stupid fancy studio, okay?

The rhythm section is intense, like the sort of thing you expected to hear in an 80’s Thrash record, but rarely got. The songwriting is technical, but rarely meanders or wanders off like so many of their ilk. The vocals are diverse, and perhaps the only truly modern thing about them. There are hints at a propensity toward Dani Filth-type screeches, but if there is any justice at all, these urges shall remain repressed. Regardless, the multiple vocal angle works for them, particularly in it’s more gutteral eminences.

Co-Produced by Necrotic Disgorgement’s Jasun Tipton, the leads, naturally, are nothing short of amazing. The drumming is solid and powerful. The vocals, as stated, need some work—the Cradle of Filth influences have to go; they are a hindrance and not a help. Welcome to Thrashville, please no screeching dwarves, thank you.

Attempts at an “epic” element, via the Black/Death complex of influences, should be worked out of their collective systems, also. These guys need to stick with what they’re naturals at: Thrashing. You either have the knack, or you don’t. These guys have it, and need to make good on it; it’s time to stop fucking around with the contemporary heroes. The classics are where it’s at here.

All in all, this band ranks with Avenger Of Blood as among the better unsigned Thrash/Death bands in the states. All three songs on here are good; this sounds a lot like one of those great old Roadrunner releases from the late 80’s. Catch ‘em while they’re young, or forever pay full price…
Track Listing

1. Humanity Wears A Burial Mask
2. Nail In The Coffin
3. Necropolis


Robert Anderson - Vocals, Bass
Mike Knittel - Lead Guitar
Jake Burrmann - Guitar
Andrew Bailey - Drums

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