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Stabwound Orgasm
August 2001
Released: 2001, Repulse Records
Rating: 3.7/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Avulsed hail from Spain and have been around for almost ten years. They have made maybe hundreds of gigs in their home country and played abroad in countries like Venezuela, Columbia, Mexico and so on. Avulsed has even released a few of albums on their career that have basically been considered somewhat "average" death metal albums that unfortunately easily get lost in your massive CD collection. That's what happened to my previous Avulsed albums at least and I haven't heard 'em for years - until now again 'coz their new album, quite pervertedly titled STABWOUND ORGASM (with a sickening cover, too!!)", shows an enormous progression for them compared to their past outputs. In fact, they've progressed so much that you may think it's a entirely different band on STABWOUND ORGASM that hammers such brutal songs into the air as a nicely Demigod-influenced opener "Amidst the Macabre." This track is the album's only instrumental tune - followed by the title track next, "Stabwound Orgasm" which also has some traces from Demigod's debut album ("Slumber of Sullen Eyes", that was!). Then I was pretty darn surprised to hear a song called "Eminence in Putrescence" which is a straight rip-off from ARCH ENEMY's song "Bury Me an Angel" from their debut album BLACK EARTH in '96 (on a Swedish label WRONG AGAIN RECORDS) where the 1st, fast riff part has shamelessly been stolen from that particular song (shame on you guys... - Got ya!!) - whereas "Exorcismo Vaginal" has some elements that remind me of Demigod once again, but also from the ultimate gore-deathsters CANNIBAL CORPSE when the song shows its uglier face with vicious guitar riffs and where Dave's vocals come pretty close to ex-CANNIBAL growlers, Chris Barnes' death grunts that are hungry for blood and gore and sound as mean and cruel as it can get at anyone's standard. Actually the more you listen to STABWOUND ORGASM, the more you become aware of the band's true influences and inspirations. You sort of realize how hard it i to avoid to get influenced by no band or nobody 'coz the influences are always there around you.

The Avulsed's combatant death team definitely have a big ears for both DEMIGOD and CANNIBAL CORPSE stuff; the melodic songs arrangements from DEMIGOD and more straight, brutal stuff from the "corpses" make up a good mixture on STABWOUND ORGASM, so I think if you are into either one of these bands - or simply brutal death metal is your cup of tea, then I cannot see any reason why you should miss this.

Now volumes up and let it go!
Track Listing

01. Amdst the Macabre (instrumental)
02. Stabwound Orgasm
03. Blessed by Gore
04. Compulsive Hater
05. Eminence in Putrescence
06. Exorcismo Vaginal
07. Anthro-Pet-Phagus
08. Homeless Necrophile
09. Nice Rotting Eyes
10. Skinless
11. Coprotherapy
12. Virtual Massacre


Dave Rotten - Vocals
Cabra - Guitar
Juancar - Guitar
Furni - Drums
Tana - Bass

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