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Atlantean Kodex
The Golden Bough
November 2010
Released: 2010, Cruz Del Sur
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

In the past few years it seems to me there has been an emergence of sound that draws on some of the purest and earliest forms of Metal. I’m thinking of bands like Briton Rites, The Gates Of Slumber, and among others, Slough Feg who have been doing it for a while. I think we can safely add Germany’s Atlantean Kodex to that list of epic, doom-tinted Metal.

Although the band has been kicking around for a few years with some demos and EP’s, THE GOLDEN BOUGH is their first realized full-length debut. There is a lot of buzz surrounding the band and rightfully so. Taking a page from the book of Candlemass, Bathory and Celtic Frost, the band use a scene from an old painting for their cover art, giving it a bit of a classy look, not cartoony at all. In keeping with the concept of keeping things a bit old-fashioned the production doesn’t have the modern, dry tones of many newer bands and producers. There is a bit of an ambient, echoing feel to the production, giving the riffs lots of room to breath.

Things start off with an ambitious 10 minute long track which bleeds nicely into an even longer and more progressive 11 minute long track! It takes a lot of balls to sequence your tracks like that. Most bands put the longer songs near the end of the album. THE GOLDEN BOUGH is full of really sophisticated, slow to mid-paced metal. The arrangements flow well and although the songs are long they are not really progressive in the modern sense that one might associate with Dream Theater for example.

Atlantean Kodex embraces the best characteristics of early metal. I’m hearing a really nice blend of Manowar (first three, maybe four albums, tops) and early Virgin Steele, when they weren’t singing about girls. Throw in some subtle Gregorian type chants, back-up vocals, some cool sound-effects (again, Manowar) some sprinkles of acoustic guitar and you have a really good listening experience. When the band cranks it up the juggernaut riffs get pretty relentless. THE GOLDEN BOUGH has a great blend of audio dynamics, song-writing and enough heaviness to keep it on the mark. This could the sleeper hit of 2010.
Track Listing

1. Fountain of Nepenthe
2. Pilgrim
3. The White Goddess
4. Temple of Katholic Magick
5. Disciples of the Iron Crown
6. Vesperal Hymn
7. The Atlantean Kodex
8. A Prophet in the Forest
9. The Golden Bough


Markus Becker - Vocals
Manuel Trummer - Guitar
Michael Koch - Guitar
Florian Kreuzer - Bass
Mario Weiss - Drums

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