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Dead As Fuck
November 2004
Released: 2003, Necroharmonic
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Autopsy surely needs no introduction, especially not for an experienced death metal listener anyway. During the band’s entire existence, Chris Reifert & company never have released an official live album. However, I remember seeing (and owning) a few “unofficial” Autopsy bootlegs that were floating around during the1990-93 period. Two of these rare “unofficial” releases have now wound up on this nineteen song live CD titled DEAD AS FUCK. Necroharmonic Productions has released this album to the joy of Autopsy fans around the world.

As for some of the technical details of this release, the first nine songs have been taken from a double 7” E.P. called TORTURED MOANS OF AGONY (recorded live in Alco, N.J. in May 1993), while the remaining songs are from a bootleg live LP titled LIVE FROM THE GRAVE (recorded in San Pedro, CA in March 1990). It would have been a good idea if Necroharmonic had also included Autopsy’s eleven song bootleg ROTTING DEATH (recorded at Wrexham Memorial Hall, Wales in September 1990) for this thing as well in order to make it a double live CD. But, I guess this is better than nothing.

In many ways DEAD AS FUCK is an essential purchase for any Autopsy fan. I never had the chance to see Autopsy play, so I can only visualize the best I can in my mind how they were in a live situation when listening to this particular disc. Most of the songs are from that classic Autopsy era, covering some of the songs from their debut album SEVERED SURVIVAL (“Charred Remains”, “Gasping For Air”, “Severed Survival”, etc.) up to probably their best album titled MENTAL FUNERAL (“Twisted Mass Of Burnt Decay”, “Dead”, “Hole In The Head”, etc.). Even if both of the recordings lack a proper sound quality, a killer set of Autopsy songs pretty much make up for it. The more I actually listen to this release, the more I regret that I missed seeing them live. Damn, I wish they’d consider bringing back Autopsy, as I honestly believe they would still have much to give to the death metal scene. There’s simply no question about that!

The packaging on this CD is very nice indeed, containing of a bunch of never-before-seen pictures. Some special liner notes from Reifert would have made it even cooler package though.

Last, but not least, I have to say I really like hard Roy from Necroharmonic Productions is trying to dig up many of these rare recordings from the past times and making them available to anyone whose heart and soul is stuck in those past times. I think along with this Autopsy’s live CD (and the Dr.Shrinker, Derketa, etc. CDs) we can start preparing ourselves for a whole bunch of other great releases from Necroharmonic in the coming months (Fatal, Rottrevore, Corpse Molestation, etc.). In the meantime, while waiting for some other goodies to be unleashed, you cannot live without DEAD AS FUCK as a part of your metal collection. LONG LIVE these goremeisters of death and decay, the mighty Autopsy!
Track Listing

01. Dead
02. Fiend for Blood
03. Twisted Mass of Burnt Decay
04. Death Twitch
05. Slaughterday
06. Fleshcrawl – Torn from the Womb
07. Charred Remains
08. Shiteater
09. Pus Rot
10. Gasping for Air
11. Severed Survival
12. Hole in the Head
13. Torn from the Womb
14. Fiend for Blood
15. Service for a Vacant Coffin
16. Embalmed
17. Destined to Fester
18. Robbing the Grave
19. Charred Remains


Chris Reifert – Vocals & drums
Eric Gutler – Guitar
Danny Coralles - Guitar
Steve Gutler – Bass

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