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Werk 80 - 2
March 2008
Released: 2008, Napalm Music / Border Music
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Atrocity have taken popular non-metal songs from the 80’s and turned them into Atrocity-flavored songs. This is the second album of this type; the first part came out back in 1997 so it’s really about time for a follow up. Whether you were around during the 80’s or not, I guarantee that you’re gonna recognize most of the songs featured here. 11 covers are included and they range from synth to ballads. Alexander Krull and crew have managed to incorporate the Atrocity sound into the songs in the most perfect way. Most of the songs have some really excellent guitar riffs and thick layers of pounding drums that only make the songs better.

My personal favorites are the covers of “People are People”, “Relax”, “Don’t you Forget about Me”, “The Sun Always Shines on TV”, “Fade to Grey”, “Here Comes the Rain Again” and the mega hit ballad “Forever Young.” The songs have been heavily tuned down and gone through a blender to get the perfect Atrocity sound, and I love it. The tempos in most of the songs have been sped up and even though keyboards and strings are used in certain songs it still sounds extremely heavy. The only song I don’t recognize is “Keine Heimat” which I would assume was a hit in Germany.

The only thing that drags down the rating is Krull’s pretty weak pronunciation of English; sometimes it sounds really dreadful and I prefer when he sings in his native language. Overall, WERK 80-2 is a solid and fun cover album and the band have done a great job transforming the pop and synth songs to metal. It would be fun to hear the first album, but for now I’m totally satisfied with the second part. But as for their next album, I hope to see a studio album with original songs. If you’re fast you can buy the album as a limited edition with bonus tracks and there’s also a deluxe edition that features both of the cover albums together.
Track Listing

1. People are People
2. Smalltown Boy
3. Relax
4. Don’t you forget about me
5. The Sun Always Shines on TV
Hey Little Girl
6. Fade to Grey
7. Such a Shame
8. Keine Heimat
9. Here Comes the Rain Again
10. Forever Young


Alexander Krull – lead vocals
Mathias Röderer – guitar
Thorsten Bauer – guitar
Chris Lukhaup – bass
Martin Schmidt – drums

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