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April 2010
Released: 2010, Ulterium Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Christian Liljgren must have Attention Deficit Disorder, be a real jerk to work with or just have the burning passion to share his gift with the world. I prefer to think the latter because he has been in about six bands in the past 10 years, Wisdom Call, Divine Fire, Narnia and others. In fact that whole semi-incestuous Swedish Christian Metal scene is just awesome with Veni Domine, Leviticus, Saviour Machine and the aforementioned bands all trade members faster than a kid trading hockey cards.

More often than not Christian is the go-to-guy for vocals and we can now add Audiovision to the list of kickass bands fronted by his power pipes. Audiovision actually started as a bit of a studio solo project but grew into the band it is today. This sophomore album follows much in the same pattern as the aforementioned bands, namely friends, professional getting together and creating great Melodic metal. Christian brings along members (past and present) from Veni Domine, Grand Stand, Modest Attraction, and Savior Machine, so you know you are getting quality players with chops to spare.

FOCUS is quite a barn-burner with lots of blazing keyboards solos, blazing guitar solos, blazing fretwork and lots of lyrics about fire and so on as evidenced by the second cut ‘Keep The Fire Burning’, opened by a quintessential scream by Liljgren. Classic, spine-tingling stuff, his voice is in fine form. On another track the lyrics certainly are Christian, positive without being preachy or filled with references from scripture. For the most part the album is fast but not super-sonic. There are many instances of harmonized choruses and so on adding to the already big sound.

FOCUS is a smooth, fast ride down the metal highway to Hell (heaven) and fans who were disappointed in the direction Narnia took after Liljgren left would do well to check this out. An excellent addition to a small but strong, niche scene.
Track Listing

1. Invitation
2. Keep The Fire Burning
3. We Are Not Alone
4.The Son Will Come
5. You Are The Reason
6. Fruit Of Love
7. We Will Go
8. I Will Belong To You
9. The Way
10. The Gate
11. Focus


Christian Liljgren-Vocals
Torbjorn Weinesjo-Guitar
Simeon Liljgren-Bass
Olov Andersson-Keyboards
Thomas Weinesjo-Drums

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