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Ass To Mouth
March 2014
Released: 2014, Selfmadegod Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Peter Atkinson

Despite the obvious porn connotations of their name – best to not Google them when you're at work - Wroclaw, Poland's, Ass To Mouth don’t seem terribly preoccupied with sexual perversity on their second album. Instead, the band revel in the more garden variety depravity of boozing, brawling and white trash loserdom during Degenerate's nonstop thrash/grind insanity.

Between occasional snippets of Nicholas Cage's suicidal alcoholic ramblings from the film “Leaving Las Vegas,” new vocalist Kuba leads the charge over Maciek's ass-ripping riffing and Pablo and Jarek's chugging, full-throttle tempos, blasting through 20 tracks over a bracing half-hour with little let up. “One Shot Too Far” offers some chunky groove and the comparatively epic “Idiot's Crusade” - at 3:02, the longest song here by nearly a minute – adds some industrial clamor and slow-grind menace. Other than those, however, and it's pretty much off to the races.

“You Have 0 Friends,” which concludes with some big, beefy hooks, is about as topical as the band get here with its piss-taking of modern culture. More typical and blunt are the title track and “Scumbag,” which conclude the album, or “Brainless Retards.”

“Alcowhore,” “Drunk & Stoned” “Suffer The Hangover” wallow in the boozy crapulence - to quote C. Montgomery Burns - exemplified by the “Leaving Las Vegas” samples, while “One Mackerel Drama” is about who the fuck knows - but probably not puppies and flowers. Regardless it is brief, brutal and effectively disturbing.

Along with the likes of countrymen Antigama and Squash Bowels, Ass To Mouth are helping Poland build itself quite a nice little grind underground. With time – given the obvious quality of the bands – it could blossom into something to be reckoned with, a la Poland's death metal roster that has produced such international heavyweights as Behemoth, Decapitated, Vader and Hate. Let's hope they keep it up, and keep it sick.
Track Listing

1. 44&41
2. Under The Razor’s Edge
3. Sentenced To Grind
4. We Are The Pigs
5. One Shot Too Far
6. Drunk & Stoned
7. One Mackerel Drama
8. Mama I’m Not Coming Home
9. Here Comes Mr. Pig
10. Alcowhore
11. Dead Kaczynskis
12. Brainless Retards
13. Suffer The Hangover
14. Idiots Crusade
15. The Good, The Bad And The Dead
16. Generation GrindCore
17. You Have 0 Friends
18. 13
19. Degenerate
20. Scumbag


Kuba - vocals
Maciek - guitar
Jarek - bass/vocals
Pablo - drums

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