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Gorespattered Suicide
April 2005
Released: 2005, Metalage Productions
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Madman

Avulsed have been kicking around the metal scene since 1992. This makes it all that much more perplexing that their practically unknowns to most people I talk to and at best people have heard of them but haven’t actually listened to their music. Prior to this album I was sitting with the people that had heard of them but hadn’t heard them yet, aside from a couple mp3’s off the internet. So I guess you could say I was part of the problem and not the solution, until now!

Avulsed play brutal death metal with gore lyrics, definitely a subgenre that was becoming overcrowded when Avulsed came onto the scene, which may be an explanation for Avulsed’s current level of popularity. This is meat and potatoes death metal, very bare bones and based on heavy, yet memorable riffs. Blasting is generally kept to a minimum, thank god, while some interesting melodies are scattered nicely throughout to create some variation. Vocalist David Rotten is your standard death metal growler with a very low register but he knows how to use his voice to good effect. Unfortunately I can’t really make a fair comparison to Avulsed’s prior material but from the mp3’s I’ve heard from prior material, things don’t seem to have changed much over the years.

The title track, “Gorespattered Suicide” starts off fast with some blast beats. The beginnings of the song threw me off in the beginning as it sounds really typical and really bland but the interspersed open riff with double bass creates a nice deviation until the heavy, bouncing, thrash riff kicks in and completely rips things open. In “Burnt but Not Carbonized” the lead guitar piece just around the second verse, is where the song picks up. One thing that I noticed while listening to this album is that, more than half of the songs start out bland and move onto more interesting pieces around the second verse… I wonder whether the band starts each song out with their most brutal idea before going into their main idea which is more instantly memorable. “Filth Injected” is the third song on the album and is the first to have my interest from the beginning with its daunting keyboard melody into a mid-paced riff that churns the song over and over before hitting a grooving riff accented with double bass.

“4 n Sick” has a very nice and meaty thrashing riff sandwiched in-between rather uninteresting blasting sections while Rotten’s vocals proceed to growl “4 N SICK!!!” throughout the chorus until some rather interesting lead work kicks into gear. The instrumental, “Hoax Therapy” happens to be rather interesting. Utilizing keyboards to help accent the guitar riffs and lead playing overtop, it reminds me of the intro to “Filth Injected”. This might be the band trying to branch out a little? I love the riffs in “Divine Wine”. The melody in the main riff is outstanding and sounds rather epic and seems rather out of place on the album but it works among the carnage, setting off a nice little balance between the primal and the more thoughtful. The final song is a cover of Motorhead’s “Ace of Spades”. Now, I hate when bands record covers and I hate it when they include these covers on albums. For me they’re generally an eyesore as they aren’t needed and I think I’ve probably heard two covers that were as good as the original… and “Ace of Spades” with death vocals is good for a chuckle but not good in the grand scheme of things. Definitely better left off the album.

Gorespattered Suicide would sit nicely in anyone’s death metal collection; just about any fan of death metal could get some enjoyment out of this disc. Though I have to say, don’t be looking for anything revolutionary
Track Listing

1. Gorespattered Suicide
2. Burnt but Not Carbonized
3. Filth Injected
4. Infernal Haemorrhoids
5. 4 n Sick
6. Harvesting the Blood
7. Let Me Taste Your Flesh
8. Hoax Therapy
9. Divine Wine
10. Protervia
11. Eat Foetal Mush
12. Ace of Spades


Dave Rotten - Vocals
Cabra - Guitar
Juancar - Guitar
Tana - Bass
Riki – Drums

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