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Autumn Hour
September 2009
Released: 2009, Rock Ridge Music
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Robert Williams

Autumn Hour features three former members of the New Jersey based power metal outfit Seven Witches; one of them being Alan Tecchio who also formerly fronted the legendary progmetal magicians Watchtower as well as working with Jack Frost on his solo album and a brief stint in Hades. Autumn Hour’s DETHRONED album is billed as being progressive metal but to these ears sounds particularly dated though not so much in a bad way.

The best way I could describe this album to you would be Skid Rows third full length album SUBHUMAN RACE which was a heavy mixture; a crossover culmination if you will, of Grunge meets arena rock/ metal. There are a lot of radio friendly hooks found in the music on DETHRONED, vocally speaking the phrasing is pretty consistent with the usual offenders from the Seattle grunge movement, bluesy mid range vocals, though some higher register vocals make for a sufficient enough dynamic range.

The album divided into three parts; Singularity In the Making, Endgame and The Machine Kind respectively; draws from a number of different influences. For example a cover version of “Here Comes The Rain” by Annie Lennox hits the listener on the album’s fourth track following opener Oblivion, the seriously hard rocking "End User" and the Alice In Chains-esque "Techcceleration" “Every Day” features lyrics about a human turned cyborg and has an acoustic guitar passage and soft female background vocals before hitting like a ton of bricks come chorus time.

This record is definitely not what I would expect from Alan Tecchio, but that in itself is what makes this album so unique and in stark opposition to the same old routine. It may take a few spins to grow on you like most “prog” records, but I do believe it is worth checking out.
Track Listing

1. Oblon
2. End User
3. Techcceleration (The Machine Speaks)
4. Here Comes The Rain Again
5. Fade Out
6. Unbelievable (The Mind Speaks)
7. Dethroned
8. How Were We Supposed To Know?
9. Everyday (The Body Speaks)
10. Transcend
11. The Past (The Heart Speaks)


Alan Tecchio - Vocals
Justin Jurman - Guitars, Vocals
Clint Arent - Bass
Dave Lescinsky - Drums, Vocals

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