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Trends in Terrorism
August 2002
Released: 2001, Bud Metal Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Time to check out some homegrown Western Canadian metal. Avitas is a very political band/project of Pat Mytron of the interior of BC. There are enough hints that Pat enjoys his recreational pharmaceuticals and his politics. Tragically this is where we differ. I’m not a big fan of political statements in metal, let alone far left wing politics. That belongs in the realm of punk music in my opinion. The packaging is all about anti-big business and so on and expresses his anger towards those organizations in no uncertain terms. The packaging is quite well done for a home-grown project with full colour, but lacks some much needed info, like who is in the band? Who plays what instrument? What instruments were used? We are left to assume that Mytron is a one-man band and it does say that he recorded, mixed and produced everything.

What is kinda cool about this disc, is that it is an instrumental disc. For someone who seems to have a lot to say and what could be a very interesting band, lyrically, he decides to let the music do the talking. You would think he would opt to use lyrics as a soapbox for his views. Personally, I’m glad he didn’t but many people feel lyrics are necessary and give little credence to instrumental CD’s.

The production is pretty poor, but that is not to say I did not like it. The lead guitars are way back in the mix, the solos are almost inaudible. The whole mix is high and trebly and the separation of the instruments is not great. The whole mix sounds like it could have come off of an early 90’s Black Metal CD. Fortunately I happen to not mind that style, but some people can’t stand that style. When you listen very closely Mytron has some very decent talent on the guitar, not too flashy or shred-like but great catchy riffs and nice touches of acoustic/classical guitar. The programmed drums lack bass and the snare is set too high and thin, with an almost complete lack of fills. The bass and rhythm are quite decent however driving all of these songs along with an Annihilator or Megadeth pace. The song structure is quite decent with each song having more than a few good ideas. In fact, I would say that the strength of the songs salvage what could have been a miserable disc. There are breaks in the intensity with the gentle and mellow seven minute tune, “Pyramid” featuring some very delicate and pleasing acoustic guitar with a few freaky, feedback type sound-effects.

Avitas has amazing growth potential and I have been informed Pat is in the process of developing a band for touring. Avitas has since put out the SMOKE EP in early 2002 which I will have the pleasure of reviewing next month.
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