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The Mean Length of Daylight
March 2009
Released: 2007, T.R.A.C.E. Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Mr. Rock

The disc THE MEAN LENGTH OF DAYLIGHT is the debut release from Calgary, AB rockers Autobody. Released on their own T.R.A.C.E (the revolt against cultural extinction) Records, the album is sort of a cross between prog and thrash metal. Actually sounding more like King’s X than any of the influences stated in their bio, the trio of Maxwell-Lyster, Shawcross, and McInnis have a big sound, with plenty of music going on.

Vocalist / bassist Maxwell-Lyster has a strong, clean voice, that does remind me a little of Doug Pinnick. His vocals match the music very nicely, soaring above the heavy riffing of guitarist McInnis. Musically, the band is very creative and they have a great sound. Consisting of 13 tunes (12 full length, 1 is a short intro lasting 44 seconds), THE MEAN LENGTH OF DAYLIGHT is about the perfect length for album of this sort (it clocks in at 46 minutes and change). No real filler, and a lot of killer playing, the songs highlight the talents of each member.

Starting off in style with cool “Worms”, the tone for the album is set with its nice time changes and solid writing. “Purrs on Pills” has a bit more of a mainstream feel to it, but that’s only due to its catchiness. The vocals are really strong here. There is a great atmospheric tone to “Bloodline”, while “Serial Sleep” picks up the pace again. The mix on this song, and the whole disc for that matter, is really well done. The bass, usually way back on most albums, has a fairly upfront presence that is welcome. The two piece “The Living Edge…” and “Of Destruction” is a combination of slow intro with speedy trash, while “Best Man” also has a frantic, thrash feel to it.

Autobody are a very talented band, and for a debut disc, THE MEAN LENGTH OF DAYLIGHT impresses. It’s going to be fun to watch were these good Canadian kids go. The future seems bright for them.
Track Listing

1. “Worms” – 3:22
2. “Purrs on Pills” – 3:39
3. “Husk of a Man” – 3:27
4. “Bloodline” – 3:57
5. “Serial Sleep” – 3:34
6. “Trucker Hat” = 3:28
7. “The Living Edge...” – 0:44
8. “...of Destruction” – 3:23
9. “One Life Two Styles” – 3:25
10. “Plastic Dolls” – 3:37
11. “The #1” – 4:46
12. “Best Man” – 3:20
13. “Dissolving” – 4:12


Jerrod Maxwell-Lyster – vocals / bass
Rob Shawcross - drums
Graeme McInnis – guitar

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