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September 2002
Released: 2002, Bud Metal
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Last month I reviewed the debut Avitas full length. I gave it a fair review with an average grade based on a few flaws. I’m pleased to say that this CD is a slight improvement.

Based in British Columbia, Avitas is the growing concern of bud metal supporter, Pat Mytron. The packaging much like last CD is homegrown but improves by including lyrics and more info about himself, credits and so on. Unfortunately the cover is pretty dark boring, you can barely make out what it is. A good cover would help sell this very indie act.

Avitas is still a one man project but is rapidly coalescing into a “real’ band with touring plans in the near future. Until such time Pat’s political stance and defiant attitude towards oppressive organizations remain unchecked. Such an example is track two called “The Council of ‘37” where Mytron reads a passage from a book called, The Emperor Wears No Clothes”, along commentary about American issues regarding legislation of hemp. Why Mytron, (presumably a Canadian) is concerned with American substance legislation from over 60 years ago is unknown to me but it makes for a very cool and interesting story and song. In my review of the debut Avitas CD I mentioned I don’t feel politics (especially left-wing politics) have a place in metal and Mytrons views being expressed through lyrics are unorganized and naïve. However, it is not my role to debate politics here but I thought it important to note that Mytron continues to wave the flag, fighting against injustice and bring awareness through music, which are all very admirable. The lyrics to “Smoke” are a hilarious (although perhaps unintentionally) pro-pot stance but again I totally admire a man who sticks by his convictions and is not afraid to say so!

The production is till pretty swampy. The guitars are more audible this time and the inclusion of vocals add a new dimension. There is still a nice mix of a trippy stoner vibe especially of the “interludes” (smoke break anyone?) and the rest of the songs benefit from a decent mid-tempo. I would be really excited to hear this in a studio, cleaned up, mixed properly with a professional producer. Everything just needs to be louder and cleaner, but maybe that is not the point.

Mytron is a decent player, lots of interesting ideas, I could totally see him hanging out on tour with Down, C.O.C, Crowbar, Eyehategod and other cool southern sludge-rock type bands that enjoy the almighty leaf. It is not really up-tempo stoner stuff like Fu Manchu but more of a sludge thing maybe with touches of depressed Cathedral or depressed Kyuss. However he is not merely a clone these songs are solid and tragically some people will not try to get past the production.
Track Listing

1. Take Out
2. The Council of '37
3. Interlude #1
4. JR & The King
5. Interlude #2
6. Smoke
7. Dimensions
8. Raysjam





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