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The Tomb Within (EP)
November 2010
Released: 2010, Peaceville Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

The legendary yet one of the most respected US goremeisters, Autopsy, are back in full filth – and the band´s new 5-track EP, THE TOMB WITHIN, obviously works as a little teaser of what´s gonna be ahead of us in 2011 when Peaceville Records will be unleashing the band´s 5th full-length studio album, MACABRE ETERNAL, in fifteen long years.

THE TOMB WITHIN basically sums up the band´s whole career perfectly as to what they have done on their albums and EPs in the past; there´s doom and sludge elements of the classic MENTAL FUNERAL album (“Mutant Village” could well be taken from the same sessions when they recorded MENTAL FUNERAL) – and there´s fast, punky and brutal elements of SHITFUN (the title track “The Tomb Within” and “Seven Skulls” both represent Autopsy at most brutal and fastest) – where they left off in 1995, incorporated into the songs on Autopsy´s new EP. It´s also great to see a re-recorded version of “Human Genocide” (originally taken from their 4-track debut 1987 demo) being featured for this EP – sort of bringing a glimpse of the band´s underground days back to our minds once again. There´s also Chris' patented death barks and well-recognized signature drumming style – all this, to be found on THE TOMB WITHIN. It´s all there, and even the EP's artwork is clearly reminiscent of the album cover of MENTAL FUNERAL.

So, the question is what has changed? Can old and loyal Autopsy fans sleep their nights peacefully as far as Autopsy´s 2nd coming is concerned? You are all safe, as nothing has changed. Autopsy still sounds like the mighty Autopsy; raw, filthy and more brutal than your beloved and blind 96-year-old grandmom making love with the neighbor´s German shepherd.

Is this worthy comeback – unlike many other comebacks done recently then, I can hear some of you still screaming suspiciously - sort of trying to get a final approval about the existence of this EP? You bet it is – Autopsy has returned back among us again as the main filth, gore and bone collector. Get ready for 2011 – get prepared to meet the gruesome realm of Autopsy´s MACABRE ETERNAL up next.
Track Listing

01. The Tomb Within
02. My Corpse Shall Rise
03. Seven Skulls
04. Human Genocide
05. Mutant Village


Chris Reifert - Vocals and drums
Eric Cutler - Guitar
Danny Coralles - Guitar
Joe Trevisano - Bass

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