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A Silent Masquerade
August 2002
Released: 2001, Independent
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: JP

A nice little homemade EP in a slim-line case! The cover is a pale, out of focus winter forest scene that somehow works very well. What is it with modern death, black and gothic type metal bands and pictures of the forest? It must be some primal back to nature vibe that being city-slicker I just don’t get.

This Illinois six piece band present an EP of gothic, doom/death type metal that is really very uninspired and unoriginal. I don’t say that to be cruel, but there a lot of bands out there that sound very, very similar. However, what will (I hope!) make Avidost stand out are a few factors. One being Jennifer Gore their singer. She has quite a voice. It is not too angelic or sickly sweet but she is certainly not a grinder. I heard at times two or three vocal layers in the songs, all distinct and interesting. I feel a high-end studio and producer could really bring her talent to life. As it stands the quality and her talent are obviously there but her multi-faceted voice is often buried in the mix.

Another element that helps them stand out a bit is the decent songs, a very important element. They have interesting songs with progressive structure and writing without being too scattered or lacking focus. Two songs are five and a half minutes and the other pair are over seven minutes so there is a prog feel at times. I don’t know why but they seemed to remind me of Solitude Aeturnus at times in “vibe” or attitude only perhaps because sonically they are very different. Musically they might be more akin to My Dying Bride on ‘roids or Opeth. I like the whispers and acoustic touches and interludes and then off we go ripping on “Claws of Unrest”.

Hopefully the band can find some stability and label interest. Two of the five members performing on the EP are now gone replaced and a third added. Apparently they now have a keyboardist and male voice so that might make the next release more interesting. Nonetheless, a very commendable debut. They would fit perfectly on a label like The End Records and perhaps DVS Records. Check them out at
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