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Armoured Dawn
Power Of Warrior
November 2016
Released: 2016, Indie
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

In my eternal quest to bring you information on the truest of the true from around the globe, I’m very pleased to review the debut album by Armored Dawn.

This young Brazilian Power Metal bands was formed a few years ago and have just released their debut album POWER OF WARRIOR. Although they are an independent band they spent a bit of money and contracted Eric Phillipe to do the cover art. First impressions are still important and the album cover is simply supreme depicting a werewolf warrior with a sword and an axe done in his epic and instantly recognizable style. They production is also very good for an independent recording, everything is well balanced in the mix. Armored Dawn has quite a few veteran mid-tier Power Metal guys in the band, each boasting former membership in some decent bands.

After the almost obligatory epic, orchestral introductory segment the opening track ‘Viking Soul’ takes off. The band is not supremely fast like Dragonforce but do rely on speed as a weapon and have some great pace and tempo with nice galloping rhythms. I’m reminded a bit of Cryonic Temple, if anyone remembers those awesome dudes. Vocalist Eduardo sings in a slightly lower register as he weaves tales of vikings, pirates and other Metal topics. He has a unique sound that I like maybe reminding me a bit of Joachim of Sabaton but way more understated. He is helped out by some good backing-gang vocals. There are good hints of keyboards for additional flair but they are downplayed in the songs which are largely traditional/true Metal in construction and delivery. There is some nice acoustic piano in the soaring ballad, ‘My Heart’ where the melody takes us to the skies. Every song has some tasteful even restrained soloing, perhaps they could cut loose a bit more in this area and add a bit more shred.

I love this type of band, stand-up straight-ahead no-frills Metal. Admittedly, there are a lot of these types of bands out there so depending on your preference for this genre, you may want to try before you buy. For me, POWER OF WARRIOR is a great debut, despite a bit of an awkwardly worded title, and I hope they can go to the next level and get signed.
Track Listing

1. Viking Soul
2. Too Blind to See
3. Prison
4. My Heart
5. Power of Warrior
6. Far Away
7. Mad Train
8. Glances in the Dark
9. King
10. Someone
11. William Fly (The Pirate)


Eduardo Parras Vocals
Tiago de Moura Guitars
Timo Kaarkoski Guitars
Fernando Giovannetti Bass
Rafael Agostino Keyboards
Rodrigo Oliveira Drums



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