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Arkhon Infaustus
Perdition Insanablis
November 2004
Released: 2004, Osmose
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: MetalGeorge

PERDITION INSANABLIS is a big improvement over this French act's last release, FILTH CATALYST. Please don't misunderstand, I thought FILTH CATALYST was a strong chaotic Black/War Metal record, it was just a bit lacking in song structure for me. While I don't feel the band will ever top their HELL INJECTION debut for pure filthy nastiness, this elpee gives it a run for it's money in the sheer fury department.

Coming across as more of a S&M obsessed version of Behemoth than anything else, time has seen Arkhon Infaustus develop more of their Death Metal tendenices that were always simmering just beneath the surface of their "black lava". The vocals are now split evenly down the middle with regards to the higher pitched rasps of old and the new, more gutteral evocations the band has taken to.

The music is also much more brutal than before, with the guitars of D. Deviant and Toxik. H sounding downtuned and heavy as fuck, without delving into a Nile-esque swamp-sound territory. The influence of the Egyptian ones isn't totally missing, however, as the constant blasting pace of PERDITION INSANBLIS certainly owes more of it's fare share of debt to the modern American Death scene.

The only difference here (as is the case with most European bands, I seem to notice...) is that Arkhon Infaustus takes a personally unappealing sound (to me, at least), and makes it work for these ears. In songs like "Abortion of the Kathavatthu", the band thrown in some Slayer-ized divebomb work, which only adds to the level of chaos here. Most important of all, however, is the fact that the band haven't forgotten how to make things catchy in that (again) Behemoth-esque way, which places Arkhon Infaustus heads above many of their pretenders.

While I must admit I don't see myself spinning this disc particularly often (when I need an Arkhon fix, I will almost always turn to HELL INJECTION), it is quite cool to see a band with as much vile vitriol as Arkhon Infaustus make a names for themselves. With any amount of luck, I forsee many new fans checking out the talent this band obviously possesses, especially with a label like Osmose behind them.

So to those cats 'n kittens who haven't as of yet checked out the perversion these dirty Frenchmen have to offer, why not start with PERDITION INSANABLIS? Though not (in my opinion) their best, it's at least their most mature and well--rounded effort, and an excellent starting point for those interested in the French scene....don't forget your gasmask!!
Track Listing

1. Genesis of loss
2. M33 Constellation
3. Abortion of the Kathavathu
4. Six Seals Salvation
5. Saturn Motion Theology
6. Oratio Descendere
7. Profanis Codex LXVI
8. Whirlwind Journey
9. Absurd Omega Revelation


D. Deviant--guitar and death vocals
666 Torturer--Bass and Black Vocals
Toxik. H--Guitar



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