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The Reckoning
January 2010
Released: 2010, Regain
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Arise is back! After a four-year break they have returned with a new label, a new logo, new members (they are now a quintet) and a new vocalist! Arise have returned revitalized, re-energized and it shows. I’ve always felt the band had a largely undeserved, slightly negative reputation. Not the members themselves but in my recollection it seems the critics have been unjustly harsh towards the band in the past. In my opinion the band is as competent and relevant as any other Gothenberg band in that style. However, the band may have been caught up in the backlash against the sound and the era.

However, the band has set all that aside and semi-crushing Death/Thrash is the order of the day and the band deliver. The band has presented us a collection of songs that are superior in my mind to the last album, which weren’t all that bad themselves. Some critics complain of an abundance of solos and guitars but that has never been a problem to my ears! There are lots of great licks and riffs scattered through the songs, driven by the classic sound. The patented ‘groove’ is there and I understand why some fans don’t like the so-called’ groove’ in their death/thrash, which is fair enough, but I do like it. It makes it listenable, catchy, memorable and fun.

Arise belong to a generation of bands like Hatesphere, Carnal Forge, Dew-Scented and all those guys. What’s not too like? The pace is punchy and quick for the most part, nice guitars, clean, crystal-clear production, bright and loud. Perhaps Arise is none too challenging or innovative but they haven’t established themselves as that kind of progressive band. The Reckoning is a great, head-banging time.

I’m worried some of the harsher critics are going to sewer this album which would be a shame. After over 15 years and being one of the pioneers of this sound, they deserve more respect, but because they were a bit late out of the gate getting a debut onto the racks, they have been tagged with the unfortunate and undeserved slag of being unoriginal. Set aside any preconceived notions and give them a chance in the second phase of their career.
Track Listing

1. Adrenaline Rush
2. No Memory OF Light
3. Bindead
4. They Are Coming For You
5. Pitch Black
6. The Reckoning
7. Reclaiming The soul
8. The Fury
9. Dead Silence
10. End Of Days


L.G. Johansson-Guitar
Daniel Bugno-Drums

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