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The Godly Work Of Art
December 2001
Released: 2001, Spinefarm Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Just like the band's name already hints to us, the name Arise was taken from Sepultura's most successful landmark release ARISE. By naming the band with such a name obviously made some sense 'coz in the very beginning of Arise's career, these Swedish Thrash monsters (Erik Ljungqvist on screams and guitar, L-G Johansson on guitar, Patrik Skoglow on bass and Daniel Bugho on drums) started out as a cover songs playing band and the albums from such Thrash leagues as Sepultura, Pantera, Machine Head, etc. became somewhat familiar to the guys as I assume. Rather soon however, Swedish Death Metal started to raise its big, ugly head both nationally and internationally and the Arise -dudes started to head their musical warpath towards more that direction.

In fact, when you place THE GODLY WORK OF ART on your CD player and start to listen to the album carefully song by song, the overall feeling what you'll get is kind of familiar and safe all the way through. I bet bands like Arch Enemy, At The Gates (whose influence is the most dominating here without a doubt!), Carcass (HEARTWORK era), Soilwork, Gardenian - plus maybe some other "Gothenburg" sounding bands may pop up in your mind as a comparison to Arise's powerful yet technical Thrash attack. I also have enough guts to claim that you have heard these songs before; in one form or the other. Take for example the album's opener and the title track "The Godly Work of Art" where the main riff has shamelessly been stolen from a Arch Enemy song called "Bury Me An Angel" from their debut album BLACK EARTH - or the 2nd song, "Generations for Sale" which has a strong, well distinctive At The Gates feel shining thru it. Or even more At The Gates -influenced "Haterush" or "Cellband" and I'm pretty damn sure you'll agree with my sayings as far as Arise's comparisons are concerned. All their songs are so DAMN well executed that it's only justified to talk about another great Swedish metal release here again. Not even a lack of a slight originality can throw this brilliant debut of Arise into the pit of oblivion because of its good - or very good songs really make up that little failing on T.G.W.O.A..

It's obvious that we'll hear much more from them in the future if they can just maintain the same spirit and energy within their next releases, too. Killer band, killer songs... there's hardly anything else I could add to convince you about the greatness of this new, Swedish metal band. Sweden still rules in the REAL metal department, no fuckin' doubts!!
Track Listing

01. A Godly Work of Art
02. Generations for Sale
03. Within
04. Delusion of Life
05. Haterush
06. Cellbound
07. Wounds
08. Abducted Intelligence
09. ...and the Truth Is Lies
10. Motorbreath (Metallica-cover)


Erik Ljungqvist - Vocals, guitar
L-G Jonasson - Guitar
Patrik Skoglöw - Bass
Daniel Bugno - Drums

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