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Kings Of The Cloned Generation
September 2003
Released: 2003, Spinefarm Records
Rating: 4.2/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Arise strikes again... KINGS OF THE CLONED GENERATION, this Swedish talented Death/Thrash-combo´s second full-length album, is a positive improvement from the days when their debut album titled THE GODLY WORK OF ART was released in 2001, both song writing and execution-wise. Their debut album already impressed me quite a lot, giving me every reason to believe there´s a lot of potential in Arise to shake even more ground under my feet when it´s time to do so--and that´s exactly what they did on their follow-up album. The band continues almost straight from those very same footsteps where they left off on their debut, combining some of the catchiest and tasteful elements from both Thrash and Death Metal, where a certain amount of melody plays a role as well. The band draws their influences mostly from the Swedish Metal territory just like it was already heard from their powerful 10-track debut album. I wouldn´t consider it any shame or curse or sin or whatever if you have something ´borrowed´ on one album from such bands as Naglfar, Darkane, Sacrilege (Swe), Arch Enemy or At the Gates. Arise, to be honest, does remind me of all the aforementioned bands musically at times but it certainly doesn´t make me enjoying them any less as I did when I got an opportunity to enjoy their debut release.

The band has succeeded in maintaining their own relatively trademarke aggressive and heavy kick-ass sound through all their new songs on KINGS OF THE CLONED GENERATION. Sure, they do sound a bit ´Gothenburg´ish´ here and there, but what actually separates them from a typical Gothenburg sound is the use of vast amount of aggressive and brutal parts in their songs instead of some washed-out and worn-out melodies. Well, as a single off-note I have to say that it´s simply amusing in my opinion how much the (swear) word ´Gothenburg´ish´, have caused sheer abominable and twisted thoughts amongst the worldwide Metal community even if most of the members in some ´Gothenburg-tinged bands´ are really damn talented and skillful musicians. Like you could be eternally cursed for having anything ´Gothenburg´-related in your sound!! Uh, long live a pitiful closet-thinking...

However, without exaggerating one damn bit, this foursome truly rips in such songs as in “Stains of Blood”, “Another World to Consume" (the album´s slowest and heaviest number... and creepiest, too!!), “Kings of a Cloned Generation" (one heavy fucker again, with nice slaying melodies!!), “Way Above Life" (reminds me strongly of Arch Enemy due to its similar sounding guitar parts to Mr. Amott´s camp...) and “Master of Gravity" (some killer guitar work from both Erik and L-G in this tune!!). Also the album´s closer tune called “Wasted Life” just reeks even more of an all-out aggression and devotion musically to things of a heavier and more extreme side of Metal.

KINGS OF THE CLONED GENERATION didn´t let me down content-wise a bit and I do already have enough guts to predict a successful future for Arise especially amongst all the metalheads with an ear for a high-quality Death/Thrash Metal – AND with almost an invicible ´Gothenburg´ish´ touch in their overall raging sound. One hell of a great album!!
Track Listing

01. Strangled Love
02. Stains of Blood
03. Another World to Consume
04. Kings of a Cloned Generation
05. Corroded
06. Way Above Life
07. Nuclear Ray Infected
08. Master of Gravity
09. Stick to the Line
10. Wasted Life


Erik Ljungqvist – Throat & guitars
Patrik Skoglöw – Bass
Daniel – Bugno – Battery
L-G Johansson – Lead guitars

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